[569] 2022-08-23 Arriving at Rome

When I woke up in the morning and surfed the web, I found an article that had been reported a week ago in IL MESSAGGERO, a leading Italian newspaper.


This article also includes a video clip of me walking. I think the person I met when I arrived in Perugia told the reporter about my pilgrimage. And this article was written by the reporter.


Rome 8 km

1. Today’s headline photo is the scene of arriving at the Arc de Triomphe in Rome.

2. Today is the last course of the pilgrimage, about 8 km through the city of Rome to reach the Arc de Triomphe. Rather than passing through scenic spots, I took a course where I could contact citizens.

3. It’s finally the last day. I start at the subway station that I arrived yesterday.


5. I cross a tributary of the Tevere.




9. I walk about 30 minutes to reach the subway Libia station,

10. Two of the 100 members of support committee are waiting for me to walk together.

11. We spread the map and walk together.

12. Citizens are curious. I explain about pilgrimage while looking at the map. And then I take a selfie.

13. These citizens were moved. They donate coffee.

14. A selfie with the employee who was watching this.

15. We entered a large street, and a gladsome place appeared. Korea Cultural Center.

16. The staff took a commemorative photo of us.

17. The old walls appeared,

18. A commemorative photo.


20. We go through the central station of Rome.

21. There are many tourists. Demand for travel which was suppressed because of COVID-19 increased.

22. As we were walking through a square street,

23. We meet a store that sells Korean food. A Korean young man who works there is moved. We took a selfie together.

24. Soon, we can see the Colosseum attached to the Arc de Triomphe.

25. It is a huge architecture in ancient Rome.

26. We finally arrived at the Arc de Triomphe.



29. I would like to express my thanks to everyone who have supported me so far.

30. I arrived at the lodging near the Vatican and looked around.

31. The dome of St. Peter’s Cathedral is visible in the distance. I zoomed in and took a picture.

32. In the evening, we had a reception at the Korean restaurant ‘Seoul Restaurant’ with Father Francis Lee, who is studying in Rome.

33. Cathedral of St. Peter illuminated even at night.
Hearty appreciation to everyone who prayed and supported me for safe pilgrimage!

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