[568] 2022-08-22 Entering Rome

Monterotondo Scalo ~ Rome Tufello 19 km

1. Today’s headline photo is a view of the entrance to the Condo d’Ore subway station in the northern part of Rome.

2. If I walk through Nature Conservation Area to Tufello, which is the 3rd district of the city of Rome, the distance is 19 kilometers which is less than the original course.

3. The morning of the city near the lodging in the Roman metropolitan area.

4. I enter Rome today.

5. After entering a quiet road,


7. I enter Nature Conservation Area.

8. It’s a lonesome road where people don’t even ride bicycles.


10. It’s a good way for contemplation.



13. As I climbed up the hill, I could see the city of Rome in the distance.


15. Location on the map.


17. The scenes that I have walked come to mind like a kaleidoscope.

18. It is a road that can only be accessed by people who walk.

19. I met a hiker leaving Rome to go north. He says he lives in Verona.







26. I am lucky to walk the last course on such a safe and quiet path.

27. Many people have prayed for the safety of K-traveler.

28. The Nature Conservation Area ends and the town begins.

29. It is the administrative district of Rome.



32. There are various designs of apartments.

33. Relax with Gelato.



36. In the suburbs of Rome,

37. This way and that.

38. I arrived at today’s destination, subway station.
Condo’Ore Station

I will come here tomorrow morning and walk through downtown of Rome.

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