Three Miles Island in 1979, Chernobyl in 1986, and Fukushima in 2011, three major nuclear power plant accidents during 33 years! And now 5 years after the Fukushima Meltdown, what did UN do? Absolutely Nothing!

It was clear that UN, a collective of state powers, is limited in securing the safety and life of the global village. Nothing was done during the 5 years after the Fukushima Nuclear Accident.

It is possible to  control the nuclear weapons through human efforts. However, nuclear power plants are impossible to control. They are vulnerable to earth quakes or terrorism. There was IAEA from early on but it did not prevent the 3 major nuclear accidents during 33 years.

If nothing is done, then it would be the end of not only humanity but all life forms.

There is an urgent need to try a different method to secure the safety and life of the global village.

There are around 445 NPPs in operation worldwide today! (As of May 2016)

No future for the humanity if nothing is done about it!

Nothing changes if only one country goes no nuke!

Need to rethinking from the principle of the Earth and Life!

There must be an international organization monitoring and controlling the 445 NPPs in the world. It cannot be done by the states that capitulated to capital power.

The people of the world must organize an international organization in unison with the religious communities that respect the value of life to monitor and control the NPPs based on the principles of no-nuke and respect for life. With this international organization, we can response and overcome the danger effectively and collectively.

The most effective way to initiate the organization is to walk together. We walk together to come close and share the values so we can act together.

Pilgrimage through 26 countries for 8,200 km (around 5 years)!
(The initial goal of the pilgrimage was 11,000 km, but it was changed to 8,200 km due to local circumstances.)

We expect

  1. Globalization of the No-Nuke Movement: Promote Ethics of Life in the world by religions.
  2. Create a new international organization: 1) Set up a regime to monitor NPPs worldwide; 2) Set up a road map for no-nuke/switch to alternative energy/shut down NPPs; 3) Ratify and implement the Charter of Life.
  1. Guide major countries to go no-nuke including China. South Korea-Japan-Taiwan-Hong Kong should take initiative.


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