New Silk Road for Life and No-Nukes HQ

Executive Director: Lee Won-young, Ph.D., Suwon University, South Korea

Office Phone/FAX: +82-2-737-2134

Mobile Phone:  +82-10-4234-2134

  • Due to wi-fi problem, I have a new phone number while I stay  in India. +91 73031 20963
  • When you want to contact me by international call please use the number above.And when you use Kakaotalk, Telegram, or LINE, you may use my old number as usual. These services are free, and I recommend you to use free calls.



Facebook Page: 

Address: 81 Sambongno, Doosan Weve Officetel Room 430, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea, 03150

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