[567] 2022-08-21 Swimming Pool & Fiano Romano

Sant’Oreste ~ Fiano Romano ~ Moterotondo Scalo 26km

1. Today’s headline picture is the Tevere River I met again.

2. Two days before arriving in Rome, it is 26 km long.

3. I left a small farmhouse resort that combines lodging and restaurant.

4. The view of the village in the distance,

5. I tried zoom in.
The closer I approach Rome, the more mountainous villages I find. Two things come to mind. The quality and quantity of spring water would have been excellent for a long time, and the war continued for a long time.

6. For a long time, the skill of war was carried over to the technology of modern civilization. How is it now? Is that trend changing?

7. It is a road where I can see wonderful ridges.

8. The swimming pool and amusement park are located in the forest next to this road. The facilities look good.

8. Walking for a long time, I enjoying wonderful scenery.

9. A car stopped. The driver suggested me an unexpected offer. “I’m working at the pool in the forest you saw moment ago. If it’s okay with you, would you like to go for a swim?”

10. It makes sense to accept such a wonderful offer. It turned out that the owner, who saw a stranger passing by the swimming pool, asked his son who had just gone to the local market to pick up the traveler if he meet him.

11. This is the mother who is the owner.

12. Another owner, the father.

13. When I came in, there were a lot of people. It’s Sunday.

14. It’s a great facility. The son prepares coffee, swimsuits, and towels while busy at working.

15. On this pilgrimage, I have had the opportunity to go into the water several times. But this is my first time when I actually go into the water.


17. I even posed.

18. With his brothers after swimming.

19. A commemorative photo with the whole family.

20. A commemorative selfie with the son again.

21. This time, the mother drives the car and take me to the spot where I left earlier.

22. Departing.

23. Thank you!

24. My whole body is refreshed. I walk with a brisk step.

25. Leaving the nice ridge behind,

26. I enter the small town of Fiano Romano.

27. The name was unusual, so I searched it and found.

28. There is also a record that Caesar gave the land to the legionnaires.

29. It’s a nice neighborhood.


31. The old atmosphere is alive near the citadel.

32. As I entered the small castle,

33. There’s a square like this.

34. A commemorative selfie after relaxing coffee here.

35. I am leaving this place,

36. The old men, who may be descendants of the legionaries, stand strong (usually sitting and chatting) and waving to traveler.

37. I can’t just pass by. A commemorative selfie with them through 2000 years.

38. A modern town runs at the bottom of the castle.

39. This person waited for K-traveler to take a commemorative photo. There is probably my picture circulating on the Internet.


41. I stopped by a big market called MD for a drink, and the employees recognized me.

42. Selfie with the manager. The gestures of the two in the back are cool.

43. Leaving this city.

44. The street trees are magnificent.

45. I meet the Tevere River again. Caesar would have crossed this river countless times.

46. And the legionaries must have seen this scenery on the way to the territory after the war.

47. And the Tevere River gave K-traveler an important wisdom.

48. I take a picture of the scene just before I cross from the Roman side to the bridge.

49. There is an open space and a bench to rest about 3 kilometers away from the lodging. I couldn’t arrive at the lodging until 5 o’clock because it was a long distance and there were many stories. This couple suddenly appears in a car, calling the K-traveler a celebrity, and asked to take a picture.

50. When he asked if I needed anything, I said that I was thirsty. He said, “Wait a moment.” He drove off to buy water.

51. I received only a small bottle of water, and the big bottle appeared in the commemorative selfie. His wife’s performance on the car is wonderful.

52. The way to the lodging.

53. Clouds also block sunlight.

If I walk 22 kilometers tomorrow, I will enter the boundary of Rome.

And the day after tomorrow, I will walk downtown Rome and arrive at the Arc de Triomphe.

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