[566] 2022-08-20 Education? Learning!

Civita Castellana ~ Sant’Oreste 20km

1. Today’s headline photo is dinner with supporters who have prepared Korean food and have come a long way.

2. Today’s course is 20 km in nature that gradually climbs a low hill.

3. The sunrise on the farm

4. The farm I saw again.

5. Breakfst is prepared.

6. It was an extraordinary farmhouse. It is a winery with a brand of wine.

7. I stayed only one night at this farm. But I miss it when I leave.

8. Today’s course has few villages. I think it will be a course to enjoy the scenery of nature.


10. The silhouette of the cloud is nice.

11. Today is Saturday. The supermarkets and swimming pool facilities would not be open today.

12. I can see the lodging where I originally intended to stay. Everyone is on vacation, so it’s quiet.

13. I can see a sharp mountain peak in the distance. Today’s destination is around that place.

14. The situation in Korea is unstable these days. Even after Yoon Seok-yeol was expelled, it would be a problem.

15. One of the problems is the university problem, which is revealed by Kookmin University. It turned out that the Korean faculty group is so disappointing. The level of the intellectual group in the country was revealed.

16. Why? Do they want to become slave teacher who only transfers knowledge like in Roman times?

17. Cyclists are running because it is Saturday.


19. It’s obvious that those people who have been passively educated like a score machine and grown up to be professors, will behave like a score machine.

After the Industrial Revolution, the concept of “education” with the goal of transferring knowledge to the public seems to recede after fulfilling the mission of the era. If I think about it, isn’t the concept of self-learning and practicing more important than the concept of teaching and nurturing?

20. In the name of education, the method of exercising educational power to rank and form factions by scores is now becoming obsolete. Such skills do not work in today’s global village. The same goes for professors who want to enjoy such educational power as vested interest.

This is the age of self-directed learning. A teacher does not teach knowledge, but only guides the way of learning. In fact, Confucius, the pronoun of education, never mentioned education directly. He only talked about the joy of learning and mastering by saying that “學而時習之 不亦說乎”. Confucius himself only enlightened and guided through conversation.

21. It was same when ancient Rome developed its skills. They valued real conversational learning, and left the functional education to the slaves. Such traditions have changed since the Industrial Revolution.

22. The essence of such learning is in line with the 21st century which requires capability of judgment in information society. Elon Musk, Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates quitted college, and entered straight into business. Their success stories have something to say about present education system.

23. It is the joy of learning that one’s decision-making ability is improved by acquiring new knowledge. That is why Confucius said that there is joy in learning.
The future direction of education reform needs to be paralleled with the re-establishment of this concept.

24. Now, the new method is not coming out of existing university.
Humanity is at the crossroads of new upgrade. Perhaps Korea will be the first nation to enter the experimental stage.

25. I can also see the mountain ridge village from here.
I walked 11 kilometers at once because I walked nonstop.
It is because I ate well and rested well at the farmhouse yesterday.

26. A local resident who showed kindness.

27. Ancient Roman style farmhouse. I do not go inside, but rest for a while in the shade.


29. This road is so quiet that there are no signs of bars. There is sometimes unmanned gas station.


31. Meanwhile, I met a generous local resident who delivered bottled water and fruit to a traveler. It’s Saturday, so the supermarket is closed. So it’s a huge help.


32. A beautiful mountain appeared.

33. It’s a mountain worth appreciating. The name on the map is Saso di San Nonoso.

34. This pilgrimage, which would have been difficult in the past, was made possible thanks to the growth of learning ability combined with IT technology.


36. In the end, I can’t even meet the restaurant and arrive at the lodging early around 1 o’clock.

37. Fortunately, I can have lunch at the lodging that combines restaurant. The picture shows cats waiting for food given by customers in the lodging yard.
While taking a break in the afternoon, I got a call from Korean supporter.

38. They are not far away, so they will prepare dinner and bring it.

39. They prepared a great dish called beef stew. There are many other dishes. They came all the way here on purpose, staying in Orvieto’s lodging, 80 kilometers away. Cooking is one thing, to bring it far away is another difficult work.

40. It’s really impressive stew. The spicy and savory taste is fancy enough to satisfy the thirst for Korean food for a long time.

41. Italian-style smoked beef salad.

42. Thank you so much to the supporters who made and carried the food far away!

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