[565] 2022-08-19 Great Dinner in a Agricultural House

Taizzano ~ Borgetto 20km

1. Today’s headline picture is a dinner at a winery farmhouse where I was treated unexpectedly.

2. Today’s course is 20km along the ridge of a small mountain range.

3. Leaving the lodging at the top of the hill~


5. I walk along the scenic ridge path. As I can see the left and right side of the ridgeline at the same time, it is the best course for sightseeing at a speed of 4 km/h.


7. Clouds block the hot sun.

8. While having breakfast at the rest area, I see this view.

9. Various fields on a slope are captured in this picture. This area may have been cultivated like this since ancient Rome.

10. The name of Trevi village, where I went to with Korean residents the day before yesterday, and the story of the topography and spring water in this area reminds me of Trevi Fountain in Rome.

11. There are many lessons to be learned from the Trevi Fountain in downtown Rome beyond that ridge. Let me introduce what I wrote in the past.


This article began with Trevi Fountain, which explains the theme of donation of public facilities by the rich people. The Roman spirit at that time is now the root of Western society’s donation culture.

12. Korea is going backwards these days. An unqualified president created by the conservative press—The Chosun Ilbo, The JoongAng Ilbo and The Dong-A Ilbo—is about to go crazy selling public facilities to individuals.

13. A second candlelight revolution is now underway in South Korea to oust him. The forces that made him president should also be drowned together this time.


15. I zoom in the village at the ridge in the distance.

16. Nets were installed in the winery because of the birds that accurately find and eat ripe grapes.

17. A winery has vinyl string that emits reflected light instead of fence screen.

18. Today, clouds follow and protect a traveler from the sun. This picture shows clouds that act as an awning when I rest.


20. These clouds protect me while I walk.

21. The horse is silent but gives a friendly feeling.

22. I met the main stream of the Tevere River mentioned yesterday.

23. Upstream,

24. Downstream. It is not wide, but the water is clear and abundant. This river flows into the city of Rome.

25. Ruins near the lodging. It is past 2:30 p.m.

26. A little bit of explanation is necessary about the lodging, Fattoria Lucciano.
While I was making reservations using Booking.com, A few days ago, I received the news that today’s original lodging was canceled due to summer vacation. It was only yesterday that I was able to make a reservation with today’s lodging.
The reason why it is difficult for a walker to decide where to stay is because both the distance and price have to be satisfied. If there are no proper candidates, it is common to search for shabby inns in the neighborhood. In this case, it is often not possible to make a reservation on-line. So I have to make a reservation by phone, but it is not easy if English is not understood.

Today’s lodging is a little expensive. Fortunately, however, it was not far from the original lodging. So I made an internet reservation because the distance was proper. But I couldn’t see the building on the map, so I was in a suspicious state.

27. When I arrived at the address location, as expected, there was no building but only a signboard.

28. As I approached it, it seemed to be a lodging within a certain farm.

29. I walk almost 1 km from the entrance to the lodging building.

30. There are cows,

31. I can also see the winery.

32. The olive trees along the road look quite old. The clouds that followed me all day look like watercolor.

33. This is panoramic view of the farm seen from the wine table while I waited for a while. It is a very spacious place. This place is marked as blue dot in number 26 above.

34. The room where I was guided into the lodging was very nice. The ceiling and floor were made of wood.

35. The view outside the window after taking a shower and before taking a nap. Thunder, lightning and showers fell all afternoon.

36. The original condition of reservation includes only breakfast, no dinner. But I asked unblushingly if they could give me dinner which I would pay for. When it comes to dinner time, they serve me home-cooked wonderful meals. They didn’t charge me either. When I asked why they don’t charge, the answer was “You are our guest.”
Almost all ingredients of meal seem to be handmade. The wine which was served as meal liquor tasted great, and the cheese tasted good.
Grazie~ (Thank you~)

37. A commemorative selfie with the son of this family who run this house.
The homepage of this house.
Wine brands are also introduced on the homepage.

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