[564] 2022-08-18 River of Rome

Terni ~ Taizzano 21km

1. Today’s headline photo is a basin map of the Tevere(Tiber) River flowing into Rome.

2. It is a short distance of 21 kilometers. But there is a difficult course that goes up to the pass at the end.

3. My face looks like that I was not recovered fully from tiredness of yesterday.

4. In the city of Terni, clear water flows from adjacent mountainous area.


6. There is a thick mountainous terrain around the Tevere, river name. It is thicker than the Arno River basin where Florence is located.

7. This river flows to the sea port via Rome.

8. The water quality is clear.



11. Although this map serves a different purpose, it depicts the basin and watershed of Tiber River properly. Thanks to abundant water, there is no drought and the crop yield is constant.

12. The heyday of ancient Rome may be due to long-running benefit of these basins.



15. The same goes for Seoul, Korea. The available water of the Han River basin through the wide mountainous terrain is overwhelmingly large.

Since available water of Han River is approximately half of the whole country, the concentration of people and industries with high water-use in metropolitan area is perhaps inevitable.

16. The problem is that the distribution of fruits of economic development is not balanced.


18. There are various designs of apartments.






24. There is no problem in wheat farming even if there is a slope. There is no problem in individual farming. However, it is difficult to cultivate wheat every year. The soil becomes weak because wheat is cultivated with less water.
It is fundamentally different from the rice farming culture.


26. His grand-daughter loves South Korea very much. He stopped his car and waited for a while to take a picture of the K-traveler for his 13-year-old granddaughter. I also try to brighten up my expressions.


28. A resident who was walking in the same direction asked me about pilgrimage, and eventually he became model for selfie.




32. To go to Rome, I have to cross these small passes several times, 200-300 meters above sea level.

33. I can also see the rocky mountain.

34. I could see river in the valley

35. I pass a small tunnel also passes.


37. I see a cave.


39. When I arrived at the lodging at the top of the pass, it was 2:30 p.m.

40. The view from the lodging window.
I take rest early today.

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