[563] 2022-08-17 People on Hill Road

Spoleto ~ Terni 26km

1. Today’s headline photo is selfie with a large family I met on the hill.

2. Today’s course is 26 km of pass over 668 meters above sea level.
I have to rise about 300 meters further up.

3. There are two roads going from Assisi to Rome. The arrow is pointing to a populous road which go through Foligno, Spoleto, and Terni. I walk along the road leading to Terni pass, which many people have walked for a long time.

4. I left the lodging around 6:40.

5. Old cities have historic walls throughout the city.

6. I go up the slope.

7. I meet the SS3 road going over the pass.

8. The roundness of the mountains is similar to that of our country.

Korea is geologically formed by granite uplift. But Italy is a land formed by uplift of sedimentary rock. The uplifted topography undergoes weathering in the process of uplifting over a long period of time. So the mountains are round rather than angular.

9. When I looked up geological map, rocks were formed around the places rich in groundwater and spring water including Rome and the region I’m walking in now.

The reason why Rome gained power in the early days, and why the Appian Way first stretched to the south of Rome can be understood by looking at this map.


11. If I walk along the road, I have to go through a tunnel. So I leave the car road, and enter old road that goes over the top of the mountain.

12. This is the top of the pass.



15. There is a rest area where old road meets the car road, after crossing the pass.

16. I take a break here. The family sitting next to me is curious about K-traveler.

17. It turns out that a large family is on the move. I open the map and take a commemorative photo.

18. Selfie pictures are good because their facial expressions are lively.

19. The mountains are seen far away in the direction of Rome on the downhill.

20. When there’s a traffic jam,

21. K-traveler waves, and the response is great.

22. These people purposely parked car in a shady place and waited for me for a long while. They are traveling for two years with a camper as their home. Europe has such a culture to enjoy traveling. They give me bananas and drinks.

23. Departing~


25. A couple traveling on a motorcycle from Romania waited for me. I also tell the story of walking in Romania.

26. When I look back on Romania I have nice memories of people who were friendly. It was was a short period, though. I took a selfie when I broke up with him~

27. The border line divide Perugia region and Terni region.

28. This map shows the border line by red mark.

29. I ate deep-fried pork with lemon for a late lunch. It was flavorous with garlic sauce.

30. I met this couple at a restaurant. Perhaps they were glad to meet the traveler whom they saw on the road.

31. An old-fashioned motorcycle I saw at the gas station in the city of Terni where my lodging is. This is what I often saw in movies about World War II.

It is around 5 o’clock when I arrive at the lodging. It was hot in the afternoon today. I think the pass was hard to cross.

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