[562] 2022-08-16 Happy Time with Koreans Living in Italy

Foligno ~ Spoleto 27km

1. Today’s headline picture is a couple of Korean resident (Mr. Hwang Eui-dong and his wife) whom I met by chance. I spent a lot of time with them, including lunch.

2. I walked a lot because I walked less yesterday.

3. Around 6:30, I walk the narrow alley where the lodging was located.


5. Various posters for advertisements.

6. A statue is standing at the point of entry into the main street.

7. Korean society should accept this practice of placing statues in a space where many people can come and see such a respected person. Why did so many Korean independence fighters stay in isolated places without interacting with people in the streets? From now on, statues of independence fighters from that province should be erected on the main roads of every city so that even young students can see and grow.

8. It is a nice design of street trees.


10. The weather report on TV at the bar. The daytime is still hot.



13. Shade is provided to citizens.



16. I enter a village called Trevi.

17. It is a village on the top of a mountain. It’s like a miniature Perugia.

18. A couple stopped the car and approached me while I was walking. “Annyeonghaseyo(hello)”. The husband is Korean.
He said that he was glad to see a traveler with Korean flag backpack as he passed by while driving. He is married to an Italian wife and has lived in Italy for 30 years. After hearing my story, he wants to invite me to lunch.

19. We decide a place and time to meet for lunch, and then I walk again.
This scene with the winery on the ridge was an impressive view of this area.

20. I zoomed in Trevi village in the distance.

21. After a while, I met Mr. Hwang Eui-dong and his wife. He drove up to Trevi village.

22. I entered the historic cultural heritage of the village,

23. There is a performance stage with a good view.


25. The view is good.

26. This area is a rocky mountain, and the olives grown here are said to be recognized by UNESCO for their exceptional ingredients.

27. Mr. Hwang’s wife doesn’t know Korean well, but she likes Korea very much.

28. Trevi village is a place where many performances are held.

29. The couple and I have a full Italian course meal at a historic restaurant inside the village. Mr. Hwang was born in Busan. He met his wife while studying stage art in Italy, and he settled here.

30. It’s an appetizing cake before a meal.

31. Light pasta dishes. And then there was a dish mixed with tomatoes, but I forgot to take a picture.

Mr. Hwang, who is in his mid-60s, has been a hidden contributor to international exchanges between Korea and Italy. He also worked as an ordinary interpreter and guide. Later, however, he has been involved in business activities such as helping trade between companies.

31. Afterwards, meat and salad were served. I tried to put them together on a plate.

They enjoy life after retirement life. They travel abroad a lot these days. He goes to Korea several times a year. And recently he has been quarantined in Korea due to COVID-19.

32. The baby in the next seat beckons because she is interested in K-traveler. Selfie with her family.

33. The meal took about two hours.
During the meal, he said that there is a famous wine producing area near here (in the larger Perugia region) called Montefalco. The hostess of one of the wineries is a Korean, and he has good relationship with her because she is the only Korean resident in this region. I decided to go to that winery.

34. We looked aroung the winery while the hostess was away.

35. It is very wide.

36. Wine making facilities.

37. The hostess came back and we met her. She said that she left Korea 20 years ago and lived in Australia, where she met an Italian wine businessman. She got married 7 years ago and she came here. According to Mr. Hwang, she seems to be doing business actively with her husband now.

38. After pleasant time, it is now time to say goodbye. Thank you~

39. I leave again around 4 pm. The remaining distance is 14 km, so I have to walk diligently. The photo is a signboard for nearby historical site on the roadside.


41. I just took a picture.



44. I saw a nice space,

45. Probably an ecological park.


47. The clear water is impressive.

48. It’s cloudy, so it’s good to walk.


50. Swimming pool at the amusement park.

51. On the west side where the sun is located, dark clouds are spread and it is raining.

52. The southern side where traveler walks, is clear.


54. The shower is creeping, but the line is not crossed. The cool wind is being sent as a gift.

55. Soon I entered the city of Spoletto.

56. It looks like an old Volkswagen model. A very small two-seater is visible.

57. Suddenly the car stops, and the driver’s son asks the traveler if there is anything to help. There is! It’s a selfie model.

58. The central city begins to appear.

59. A magnificent citadel on a hill.

60. Central part.

61. I met a group of high school students. They were passing by, and suddenly they shouted “South Korea!” They became a selfie model.

62. The city area near the lodging. It is about 8 o’clock when I arrive.

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