[560][561] 2022-08-14~15 Supporters from Korea

Santa Maria ~ Assisi (Basilica of San Francesco d’Assisi) 3km
Santa Maria ~ Foligno 17km

1. Today’s headline photo is a commemorative photo of supporters from Korea (the two of them are Committee of 100 members of the New Silk Road for Life & No-Nukes) and meeting on the way to Assisi.

2. The first day’s course is 3 kilometers to Cathedral of St. Francis of Assisi in rest day. The second course is 17 kilometers to Foligno the next day.

3. I head to downtown Assisi in the afternoon of rest day.

4. The sun is hot, but the shade is good.

5. Assisi is an important holy place for Catholics.
It is the home of many Saints.


6. It is a place where many worshipers come from all over the world.

7. A group of worshipers came from Korea. Two of them belong to Committee of 100 members of the pilgrimage. They came to cheer for the pilgrimage of K-traveler.

8. I took a commemorative photo at the point where I met them. These people are traveling in Italy by renting a car. They will sometimes walk together.

9. I took a selfie with a group of tourists from other countries. One of them took a commemorative photo.

10. I walk up to Assisi.








18. I arrived at the central square.


19. Cathedral of Basilica of San Francisco d’Assisi was located in the square.

About St. Francis of Assisi

His whole life was known as that of the saint. Many moving stories about his life are handed down.

About the Basilica of San Francesco,

The photos inside cannot be taken by ordinary people,
so I introduce the homepage of the cathedral.


20. Looking up towards the neighborhood from the cathedral exit.

21. In addition to the cathedral, Assisi has commemorative spaces for many saints, which makes Assissi as place of pilgrimage for Catholics.





26. A bountiful dinner was prepared by Korean supporters. Although it is a lodging where cooking is not allowed, there is a space for dinner on the terrace. They visited the lodging and prepared dinner for me. The food which they prepared, include cup noodle, instant rice, and some Italian dishes. Thank you!

27. I left the lodging where I stayed for two days.



30. A view of Assisi on the way to Foligno.



33. I was passing in front of a church, and the gate was open. So I looked inside and found the mass ceremony going on.


35. There is a sculpture in the field.

36. A large doll made of straw.

37. The decorative picture of a bar.

38. A house seems to hide some stories of the past. Italian houses give fun to look at.

39. Some of these people on the other side of the road seem to know K-traveler while passing by car. They raise their hands and cheer as I pass by.

40. I cross the street, and take a selfie together.

41. The Subasio Mountains are huge.

42. It’s hidden here, but Assisi is located on the mountain side.


43. I went to a winery where I was supposed to meet Korean supporters.



46. Their trip schedule includes winery tours.

47. The two participants belong to the Committee of 100 members supporting the pilgrimage.

48. Three of us walk together.

49. After walking about 4km, we arrive at the old castle in Spello.

50. The name of the castle is Porta Consolare


52. In the afternoon, we go on another winery tour to avoid the hot sunlight.

53. I join in and watch.

54. We start again to walk around 4:30 pm. It is about 5 km to the destination.

55. White wine grapes are also grown in residential areas. This species is said to be grown only in this region.

56. Soon, we arrive at Poligno where my lodging is located. I say goodbye to the Korean supporters here. We will walk together again when we enter Rome in a week or so.

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