[559] 2022-08-13 Arriving at Assisi

Perugia ~ Assisi(Santa Maria) 24km

1. Today’s headline photo is a panoramic view of Assisi

2. Today’s course is 24 km leading to Assisi via downtown Perugia.

3. The lodging I slept at last night is a hotel with good facilities compared to the cheap price.


5. I start walking around the outskirts of Perugia.


7. I can see the soccer stadium.

8. This is the home stadium of the Perugia club. This is where Ahn Jung-hwan played.



11. Perugia, with a population of about 170,000, was said to have been under the direct control of the Papal court.


Looking at the map three-dimensionally, the city center was formed on a high hill. And the city area gradually spread to lower towns.

12. I decided to go up to the central plaza at the top of the 480m high hill.

13. Passing the railway station in the lower area,

14. I go up along housing complex on a steep slope.

15. The stair landing was installed at an angle to make the walkway easy to climb up and down.




19. There is a bus terminal at the entrance to the fortress district on the hill.

20. I enter the fortress district.


22. The inside is still steep.




26. Finally, it is the central square.






32. Perugia deserves an interesting case for those who study urban infrastructure on slopes.


34. As I leave, I take pictures of the city.




38. It rained last night, so I can see clear landscape in the distance.

39. Clouds hang over the mountainside.

40. I look back at the town of Perugia on the hill.



43. A spacious winery also appears.



46. While waiting to order something to eat in a shopping center located on the outskirts of the city, this man treated K-traveler.
Thanks to him, I enjoyed the sandwich and coffee.

47. One excellent merit about Italian agriculture is that there are no artificial cultivation facilities such as vinyl greenhouses. All the fruits are supplied in proper season.

48. After plowing, cultivation field is covered with straw. This is a good management practice for tillage. When covered in this way, it is advantageous for the soil to establish an ecological balance. When the soil is healthy, the food is also healthy. ‘Productivity’ is not only quantitative but also qualitative. These days, in pursuit of a healthy life, quality is the main indicator of productivity.

49. Assisi is almost visible on the slope below the mountain in the distance.

50. At this time, the horn sounds and high school students who like Korea appear. Is it the power of BTS?

51. Their age is 16. They take selfies again to show their faces. It’s a delightful scene. Perhaps we will meet again someday.

52. Departing~

53. Clouds appeared to cover the hot afternoon sun.

54. After a while

55. The shower starts pouring.

56. After heavy raindrops for a while,

57. Soon it becomes clear.



60. Thanks to changing weather, I got a clear picture that shows the whole view of Assisi.

61. Finally, I arrive at the village where the lodging is located. It is a village called Santa Maria at the entrance to Assisi.

62. I arrived at the last stop of this pilgrimage as scheduled. The total distance I walked from Bologna to here is 282 km. I walked 1,038 km this summer.

Now, I will arrive in Rome in ten days.

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