[558] 2022-08-12 Design Our Power

Passignano sul Trasimeno ~ Perugia 24km

1. Today’s headline photo is a selfie with family members who purposely stopped the car to meet me. They showed me that group photo from yesterday’s Euro Spin was circulating on the internet, and encouraged me.

2. Today’s course is 24 km to the famous Perugia entrance.
It is Perugia City, the home of the soccer club where Ahn Jung-hwan played.


4. I departed around 6:00.

5. I can see more and more umbrella pine trees.

6. I like the picture with the sky in the background. The picture is like a masterpiece of great designer.


8. The amusement park is well designed in a place with a good lake view.


10. There are outdoor swimming pools all over the place to satisfy the need to swim safely.

10-1. The design seems to maximize the potential of the place.


12. Clouds on a mountain in the distance reflect the light of the sunrise.

13. Some villagers go fishing on the pier.

14. It is different from seaside sunrise, but it is elegant.






20. I ate at a restaurant with a nice design.

21. Breakfast.

22. The trees along the ridge are noteworthy.


24. I walked alongside the lake road,

25. A family who purposely parked the car waited for K-traveler. They cheer me up by showing that yesterday’s group photo at Euro Spin is circulating on the Internet.

26. Departing~

27. Leaving the lake behind,

28. I enter the pass to Perugia.


30. I climbed a steep hill for a while.

31. I take a break in a place with a good view. I look down the lake that I have passed.

32. The end of the hill in the middle is the amusement park that I passed earlier.

33. Even though wild landscapes and human civilization are well designed, it seems that the existence of power that determines the fate of the world is not so.

34. Could the current situation be designed as an upgraded power structure that can make prescriptions for global crises?

35. Just as Jefferson established a revolutionary system of separation of powers in the history of British parliamentarism which is rooted in senatus of Roman era, this era demand another revolutionary idea.

36. Moreover, in times of climate crisis.

37. Peer assembly, which Jeremy Rifkin who has insight in the essence of civilization and has constantly presented innovative future visions, is considered as a viable alternative. A peer assembly is a companion assembly created by citizens alongside the existing assembly.

38. I also wrote about this.

Translated into English,

39. There is no guarantee that you will succeed if you try. But nothing can be achieved without trying. Trial and error accumulated while trying, is a valuable asset that is the root of success.

40. The scenery of the umbrella pine tree is in harmony with the sky.

41. The villager is managing his garden trees.

42. Well-designed downtown.


44. The referendums of three countries that have been observed so far make an important example. It would be nice if all countries adopt referendum system. In addition to making decision by referendum, however, a political system in which the people can exercise their sovereignty effectively and appropriately is needed. The important thing is that our people’s will to power and ability of decision-making is expanding. It’s not difficult to design it if you put your mind to it. Solutions to global crises are also in line with that.

45. An old house was changed into a fancy restaurant.





50. I cross the border of the city of Perugia.

51. It is a prosperous city.

52. It is 3:30 pm when I arrive at the lodging.

I had dinner at a very delicious pizza restaurant in this town.

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