[556] 2022-08-10 Crisis and Overcoming

Arezzo ~ Camucia 31km

1. Today’s headline photo is the ruins of the Roman Amphitheater in Arezzo.

2. Today, I had no choice but to walk another 8km from the originally scheduled 23km point. It was a long distance of 31 km, unintended.

3. Arezzo has a population of about 100,000 people. But it is a wealthy city with a tumultuous history.



5. There are many ruins in the Tuscany region from Florence to this place.


7. Industries such as jewelry processing and fashion design also developed. The picture seems to be a design school.


9. A restaurant with a kempt design.



12. It’s the gateway to the old town.





17. This wall seems to be a famous relic.


19. Walking along the walls,

20. I am going to the place of Roman amphitheater.



23. With the street manager I met at dawn.

24. It is a plaza with a beautifully designed street tree.


26. The schedule of the annual classical music performance is being released with a wonderful design. I can feel the cultural flavor.

27. A menu signboard in front of a restaurant.

28. I finally reached the amphitheater.


30. As I watch it, I am reminded of scenes from the American drama Spartacus.



33. I observed many of Arezzo’s ruins.

34. I walk out of town. Many places were designed as modern urban areas due to the bombing damage in World War II.


36. There are 7 trash cans for separate collection. There may be some overlapping of same type. But it seems that the waste is properly managed.

37. A resident who came out to separate waste welcomes me.

38. The father, who was watching his son, came across the road.

39. A selfie all together.


41. It’s a nice street tree.


43. I am curious about the name of this tree.



46. The owner warmly treats a stranger who was resting in front of the fruit shop. What she is holding in her hand to give to traveler is a type of plum, which is less sour and sweeter than Korean plums.

47. It is an exhibition & sales place of garden supplies.



50. Cypress nursery.

51. I can see the village on the mountainside.

52. It seems that there are many drivers who have seen K-traveler in advance. I hear a lot of welcome honks.



55. The ruins of the citadel at the top of the pass.



58. After having a sufficient lunch at a Chinese restaurant around this time,

59. I arrived at the planned lodging at the 23km point around 3 pm. The problem occurred here.

60. It is scheduled, but it is not booked online. Because of poor English over the phone, I temporarily reserved it. But it was a mistake. After all, the lodging was closed today. It’s a remote place, so mobile phone internet is not working. It’s kind of a crisis.

61. Information collection comes first. I take my heavy body and move to an area where internet communication is possible.
After moving, I searched and found out that there was no alternative lodging nearby. Bus transportation is also available in a couple of hours.
The alternative is to retreat 3 km or advance 8 km.

62. I cannot retreat. Inevitably, it became a long distance of 31 km.
Fortunately, it was windy in the afternoon, It was not difficult to walk.

63. The temperature I checked while walking was not very high.


65. I took a selfie with children playing with their parents in the yard.

66. I met a bar in the middle of 8km section.

67. This bar sells fresh fruits in bowls. The price is 3 euros. It’s seasonal fruit and it’s cheap.

68. I ordered a piece of watermelon because I was still thirsty. It’s cool. My thirst disappeared.


70. It is a citadel on the mountain where the lodging is located.


72. The center of town is called Camucia. The lodging is next to it.

I was exhausted from an unexpected long distance. I was knocked out as soon as I arrived at the lodging.

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