[555] 2022-08-09 Referandum of 3Nations Says

Levane ~ Arezzo Entrance 25km

1. Today’s headline photo is cyclists waving to K-traveler.

2. Today’s course is 25km leading to the entrance of Arezzo city with a population of 100,000.

3. I start to walk at 5:40.

4. It rained a lot last night. The rainfall is very small compared to Korea, which is in chaos due to water bombs.

5. out of town

6. I enter a road in the field.


8. Come to think of it, three countries which I recently walked, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy, have had a referendum on important policies such as nuclear phase-out.

9. Referendum is an unfamiliar system to us. But it seems to be a good method to exercise sovereignty. Taiwan is also following it.

10. If Machiavelli observes current situation. he would advise us to follow these three countries. These countries are creating and implementing a new power structure called direct democracy based on the separation of three powers, befitting the era of power expansion in the 21st century.


12. Taiwan is also doing well. Perhaps the secret of maintaining power against China for a long time may be that the people make their own decisions on important policies.

13. Even if important topics facing Korea and the global community are reformation and climate crisis. The key for success or failure depends on whether the community’s energy is contained in the system of direct democracy.

14. Just as only Roman citizens were able to become soldiers, Machiavelli was effective using military organization consisted only by Florentine residents. The power of decision-making can be exercised properly if community members participate in decision-making.

15. The picture is olive trees.

16. The outside space of the bar where I had breakfast.

17. Rural landscapes with small terrain.

18. Cypress street trees look like a military inspection with a spear.

19. This street tree also appears frequently in movies depicting the Roman period.






26. The building is new, but the stairs and attached building are old. The combination of new and old is very interesting.

27. This kind of space is also strangely mixed with old and new.

28. This kind of house will be cool in summer. I want to stay one night, but I haven’t had a chance yet.

29. I saw two dots in the distance

30. Two cyclists pass by and wave to K-traveler.

31. This time a group is approaching.

32. They wave their hands this time as well. I was able to take a picture without missing a moment.

33. Movie poster.

34. Even the walls are covered with traces of bygone years.

35. This house looks like a new house, but the materials are old-fashioned.

36. Seafood and risotto for lunch at the bar. The price is 7 euros.

37. A tributary of the Arno River.

38. Manufacturer of agricultural machinery.


40. Among the signboards of automobile companies,


42. I can see Hyundai Motors.


44. As I approached the lodging, I were enjoying a break with an ice bar. The owner recommended a glass of fruit juice to encourage the traveler walking.
Thank you!

45. A bench near the lodging.

I arrive at the lodging around 2:30.
Tomorrow I will walk in the direction of Assisi via the city of Arrezo.

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