[552] 2022-08-06 Firenze and Machiavelli

Firenze 12km

1. Today’s headline photo is the Cathedral of Santa Croce in Florence where Michelangelo, Galileo, and Machiavelli are buried.

2. Today is a 12 km course. I walk through Florence where the city itself is World Heritage Site.

3. I take the train to the departure point early in the morning,

4. I arrived around 7:10.



7. It looks like a theater poster dealing with historical objects. The facial expressions of the characters drawn in the picture are worth seeing.



10. The history of covering the stream in the city is attached to the information board.


12. Florence is thoroughly surrounded by low mountain ranges.


14. I enter the administrative region of the city. Florence has a population of 380,000, similar to that of Bologna. However, the urban development density seems to be very high.

15. The wall is decorated like a sculpture.

16. Passing by an old residential area,

17. I took pictures of the artistic laying of the sidewalk,

18. A commemorative selfie with these people~

19. The stream flowing from the nearby mountain is clear.



22. I enter the street where the tram is running.


24. I can see the old wall surrounding the city.





29. It is a cathedral called Santa Maria Novella in front of the city’s central station. These days, Google Maps shows it in three dimensions when you click it.

Basilica of Santa Maria Novella

055 219257





32. Following this alleyway

33. It is really high-density development.

34. From the Middle Ages through the Renaissance, the atmosphere is perceived as a center of Italian power for hundreds of years.


36. A narrow but splendid shopping street is full of luxury brands.

37. This tour wagon roams in shopping street.

38. Passing the alleyway

39. I also meet a small and beautiful square.



42. Famous Arno River and Vecchio Bridge

43. The buildings on the bridge are full of shops.

44. There is also a one-man row on the river.

45. After I cross this bridge,

46. There is a place known as Machiavelli’s birthplace.
However, there are no traces now. Shopping malls are located on the place.

47. He would have walked

48. Alleyway

49. Passing over the bridge again towards the city center,

50. I look upstream of the river.


52. It is another famous square.

53. There are many tourists. It is almost comparable in size to Vienna. It is a Medici family comparable to the Habsburg dynasty.

54. These cities were once the center of European power.

55. In the center of the city, tap water is provided by the city administration. Anytime it may be used by tourists when they are thirsty.

56. Soon, the Cathedral of Santa Croce appears.

57. Michelangelo, Galileo and Machiavelli are buried.

58. I look down at the square from here.

59. And I recall the value of Machiavelli again.
Other great men have been sufficiently & highly respected, but Machiavelli is not yet sufficiently & highly evaluated.

60. He was the first person who begin to describe objectively the existence of power. So far, mankind does not know much about power. Although mankind is said to be the lord of creation, they are swaying around without understanding the identity of the power that is essential in the process of forming a group and making decisions.

61. Today’s global crisis is largely due to ignorance of identity of power.
If he were alive now, what would he think of the current global village? Can he give advice to solve the global crisis? What kind of advice will he give?

62. I rest early in the lodging to avoid the hot afternoon.

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