[551] 2022-08-05 Hapcheon And Resposibility of USA

Cavallina ~ Entrance of Florence 20 km

1. Today’s headline picture is a scene where I participated in the peace conference held in Hapcheon, Korea with Zoom.

2. It is the last 20 kilometers crossing the Apennino Mountains.

3. I leave the lodging at 6:08, the time of sunrise.


5. I cross the last pass that is about 400 meters above sea level.

6. At the bar on the top of the hill, I took a selfie with this person who paid for the food for the K-traveler. He seems to be working for a road construction company in this area. Grazie(Thank you)~

7. Lunch boxes and side dishes seen in the COOP store there. There are also varieties of risotto.

8. I overlook part of the city of Florence in the distance.

9. Today is the day when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima 77 years ago. Every year on this day, a peace conference is held in Hapcheon, South Korea, where the second and third generations of the A-bomb victims live together. K-traveler stop walking and take part in Zoom conference.

10. I started the Life & No-Nukes pilgrimage 5 years ago and went through Hapcheon. So I visited Hapcheon and participated in the event last year. This year, I am participating by Zoom. The photo of my speech was taken by a Korean acquaintance who sent it to me.

11. When I participated last year, I argued that it was necessary to hold the US accountable for Korean A-bomb victims. This is because compensation for civilian damage caused by willful negligence can be a check against national violence on nuclear problems.
Since such precedent has not been established, nuclear power plant is being treated carelessly in the Ukraine war. A precedent must be established so that if nuclear power plant is mishandled, the country would suffer hopelessly. It’s what we have to do.

12. The manuscript was published in the Catholic Press last year.


13. I saw a clear stream, so I looked closely.

14. They are fish. I haven’t seen fish in a long time.

15. A stream flowing from the stem of this mountain range flows towards Florence.

16. Come to think of it, Florence is surrounded by mountains. It is a well-defended and water-rich city.

17. This person stopped his motorcycle and waited for K-traveler.

18. Saying goodbye~



21. Soon I enter the city.

22. With the resident.

23. After 1:30, I arrive at the train station called Il Neto, which is the last stop of today.

24. I go to the lodging I reserved in downtown Florence for about 20 minutes by train from here. I will come here tomorrow and walk again.

Today, I will have a time to enjoy bibimbap and kimchi stew at a Korean restaurant near my lodging.

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