[553] 2022-08-07 Imagine Machiavelli’s Question

Basilica of Santa Croce in Florence ~ Incisa Valdarno 24km

1. Today’s headline photo is the Arno River flowing through Florence. Even in drought like these days, the rivers with abundant flow and wide basins were the source of Florence’s power.

2. Today, I left Florence and headed for Assisi 24km away.

3. Before departure, the pictures of the lodging is impressive. They describes Florence of the past.

4. I can also see comical picture. I don’t know if this picture has genealogy.

5. The lodging is general-type apartment converted to a small one-room. It is relatively cheap and popular among tourists.

6. Departure time is 5:50.



9. I cross the Arno River.


11. Arno river flows through Florence. Even in a drought like these days, the river flows abundantly.

13. Looking at the map, it is a large basin surrounded by several mountain ranges. This was the source of Florence’s power.




17. There is a truth in the history of conquests and occupations of Florence and Italy.

18. The countries which consists of global village now, have short history as a nation.

19. With the invention of cannons, medieval city-states with castle spread in a flat plane. After railroads spread, the concept of community and borders became clear. This is the case not only in Italy but also in most countries in continental Europe.

20. Compared to Europe, Korea has been a centralized country for a long time.

21. This picture is a certificate for those who passed civil-service examination during Goryeo Dynasty, in 1389. This is a country where the centralized system of government has been refined.

22. The term itself is nonsense if they say ‘colonial era’ after occupying a country when national power has been weakened for a while. It is just like that even though Germany ruled France for a long time, it does not mean France was a colony. Since Japan was an imperial system at that time, it is exact to say ‘Japanese occupation period’ instead of colonial era.



25. I am out of the administrative district of Florence.


27. The word, Roma, appears at this town’s address. Does it mean that this village road leads to Roma?


30. I think about the problem of global power that I asked Machiavelli yesterday.

31. After Machiavelli, the issue of power received great attention again because of the current situation. First, we are in an era of expanding power. It means that the size of power that can be exercised not only by the state but also by individuals or specific groups has become much larger.

32. The second reason is that while the risk is increasing proportionally to entire global village, the principles and concepts for proper handling of power are weak.

33. I can see the city of Florence in the distance.

34. I am passing through an olive plantation.

35. Now, strong countries that should lead the global community are failing to regulate guns. And they deliberately trigger war that should not be started, like Ukraine war. It’s pathetic.

36. The humans created the UN in a hurry, but it is still a long way to go. For UN to work properly, an elaborate system in which war cannot occur, should be realized. In that system, all disputes will be obliged to lead to peaceful solution.

37. If Machiavelli appears and see us, he would immediately question us.
“Hey, what have you been doing?”


39. At the peak that is about 400 meters above sea level, I look at the road in front of me.


41. I enjoy a cool breeze at friendly bar on this pass.

42. I enter the path that the Romans would have walked in the past.







49. Recent masonry and old masonry are seen side by side.

50. I can also see the vinery(winery?).

51. Even though it was a difficult course crossing several passes, I walked without difficulty because I indulged in continuous thinking about various subjects.

52. Even I had lunch at a restaurant on the way, I arrived at lodging at 2:30 pm. This picture is a view of the village seen from the lodging.

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