[550] 2022-08-04 Start The Second Candle Revolution

Pietramala ~ Cavallina 29km

1. Today’s headline photo is a notice of the second candlelight revolution demanding the removal of Yun Seok-yeol.

2. It’s 29 kilometers downhill road. (This is the Apennino Mountains from Bologna to Florence.)

3. Like yesterday, it is a lodging run by a family. The difference is that breakfast is provided. A commemorative selfie with the owner seeing me off when I leave.

4. Leaving the neighborhood where the lodging is located,

5. It was past 6:30 when I left.

6. Today I walk faster.

7. The softness of the mountain,

8. An acquaintance said it was like seeing the Honam region of Korea.

9. A picture of the shadow to commemorate the round mountains.



12. The situation in Korea is not good these days.

13. Diplomacy is half of national power, But the president is doing nothing but doing harm.

14. Six years ago, Park Geun Hye’s indecisive behavior over the THAAD issue caused great failure in foreign affairs. It brought about stressing the people, and eventually caused candlelight revolution.

15. The recent mishandling of the education issue caused the worst stress on the people. He showed countless reasons for disqualification as president, such as the dictatorship of the prosecution and his wife’s improper behaviors.

It has been less than 100 days since he took office. But it is right time for the citizens to demand his resignation. This time, three major newspapers which supported such a person as president should also be punished.

16. Now it starts this weekend. It is difficult to start revolt such as candlelight revolution. But since it succeeded once, it will be easy secondly.

17. Unlike six years ago when it took half a year, the success period will be short.

18. With residents who enjoy jogging.

19. Now Korea is at a crossroad.

20. The time has come when Korea is required to play an important role in each field in the global village. In many cases, the people are stepping up and playing the role in each field.

21. In order for the expanding activities to be properly supported, it is necessary for the base camp to be properly managed.

22. I can see a lake in the distance.

23. I sense musical atmosphere in the name of location.

24. It’s beautiful, and somehow it’s a familiar scenery to us.

25. This time, candlelight needs to rectify even the fundamental problems of the prosecution and the conservative media which play the cradle of reckless power.

26. Here is my article that reveals the roots of the prosecution, which served as a hunting dog during the Japanese colonial period, and argued for its dissolution.


27. Thanks to my diligent walking long distance, I enter the city area where lodging is located at around 2 o’clock. I eat lunch.

28. It would have been impossible to walk if I started late. This region is hottest in late afternoon and early evening. After taking a nap for a while, I checked the temperature. It was 39 degrees.

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