[546][547] 2022-07-31~08-01 University of Bologna

Bologna ~ Univ. Bologna ~ Case Grandi 10km

1. Bologna University, which was founded one thousand years ago, is still at the top level in the world today. Today’s headline picture shows Bologna University’s research center jointly run by Johns Hopkins University in the U.S.

2. The new shoes I wore a few days ago seemed not to fit well. I had a hard time because the blister on my toes did not disappear. While I took one day off, I went to a general hospital near the lodging.

3. It is a public hospital named Ospedale Maggiore “Carlo Alberto Pizzardi”.

4. I decided to go to the emergency room of this hospital for treatment and experience. I waited for a long time, and received treatment and prescription for medicine. Google Translator played an important role in this process. The hospital is friendly and does not charge for treatment. It’s an amazing system.

5. Today course is 10 km that I walked through Bologna University and downtown.


7. There are ruins at the west entrance of Bologna City.


9. The road sign indicated the names of the road that I passed by.

10. The design of stone floor is nice.



13. A sightseeing train is crossing downtown.

14. Bologna is also famous for film festival of bygone movies. The billboards are adorning the streets.

15. A nice downtown square appears.

16. Tourists are abundant, too.





21. I can’t forget to take a selfie with the nice guards who keep the square.

22. The old palace is being used for modern commercial purposes.


24. I leave the square and move towards the University of Bologna.

25. Worker removed the old dirt from the building. The fame of historical and cultural city should be supported by such efforts in maintenance.

26. Two towers became landmarks of Bologna.
It is said that these towers, like a kind of pledge of allegiance, filled the city in the Middle Age.




29. The University of Bologna has buildings located alongside the city centre.

According to Wikipedia of the University of Bologna,


30. The University of Bologna was the first university to start the modern university system one thousand years ago. In other words, by introducing the system of lectures and thesis, the objective function of lecture and the subjective function of research were introduced to students at the same time.

31. In particular, it was great that writing doctorate thesis had undergone review & defense process. If I interpret this in my style, doctorate system had
1) internal condition of ‘intellectual curiosity and its achievements’ and
2) external requirement of ‘assessment of actual contribution.’
I would like to evaluate the merit of intersecting balance as the cornerstone of the university system.

32. The woof and weft lines must cross in order to make a cloth. A father and a mother are needed for children to grow up properly. So is knowledge. If you lose your balance, you will be lame.

33. The University of Bologna which was established one thousand years ago, is still at the world’s top level because it has created and fiercely inherited a balance based on such essence. Normally, the city’s population is 400,000, but increase to 500,000 during the lecture season.
The photo is a research center jointly operated with Johns Hopkins University in the United States.

34. Just yesterday, I heard a news about a university in Korea that gave an indulgence to a doctoral thesis written falsely. The screening and defense process did not work at all. If you lose your balance, you immediately become a servant of power. Korean universities are sick.


36. I walk around the city center along this bike path.


38. It is a city where tradition and modernity live together.




42. I leave Bologna city center and walk towards the Apennine Mountains.

43. Seafood risotto for lunch.

44. The estates where the nobleman’s mansion was located,

45. They are being used as parks.

46. I saw a residential building as I approached the lodging. The roof was made like a forest.

From tomorrow, I will cross a mountain range of about 900 meters above sea level for a few days.

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