[548] 2022-08-02 Imagine Nomad University, K-Vil School

Case Grandi ~ Guarda 17km

1. Today’s headline photo is a cross-section of the Appennino mountain pass from Bologna to Florence. I will cross a pass at 958 meters above sea level, about 100 km distance, for four days.

2. The first day is an uphill 17 km course. My lodging is about 500 meters above sea level.

3. I leave the lodging around 6 a.m.


5. Raindrops fall from time to time.


7. I thought of the model from the University of Bologna yesterday.


9. A thousand-year-old model is still working, but a new concept is now required.
This is because the era without restrictions on places has come.


11. Developing a ridge as a farmland rather than a forest is similar everywhere in Europe. Maybe that’s why the reservoir is not very noticeable.

12. I can also see farmland tilled by plow on the ridge.


14. There is already Minerva School as a model for new university in this era of unlimited location.

15. It is an era in which the knowledge of the entire global community is searched and utilized in real time. The front lines of research are no longer in specific offline locations such as campuses and research institutes.

It exists between those places. A new concept of being in between is being introduced.


17. A robot is attached to the garbage truck, which automatically empties and puts the trash can in place.


19. There are some places that grow forests like this.


21. I think it’s a vineyard.

22. Some people see a traveler walking uphill in hot weather. This man gets off the car and gives me bottled water and fruit.
Gracie~ (Thank you~)

23. The mountain has a soft shape.

24. It is also possible to go one step further from Minerva school and study by solving the challenges facing the global community with actions.

25. K-Vill-School in K-Village, which I wrote before, is that kind of network campus.
(original article http://www.hanion.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=22368 )
This is the “New Concept College – K-Vill-School” in No. 6 of this article.

26. The Minerva School, where students study through networks while traveling, is also limited to dormitories in 7 cities around the world.
But one step further,
I think we have entered a time when it is possible to study and research while directly experiencing something anywhere in the world. K-Village is a place that provides opportunities for that experience.

27. I imagine an on-off fusion campus that develops synergy by acquiring and sharing fused knowledge through experience.

28. I also meet people who travel by bicycle.

29. He says he is going from Florence to Siena.

30. I arrive at the lodging with a good view around 4 o’clock. It’s a lodging run by village resident.

31. Originally, it is a family home that does not serve dinner. But I politely asked that I will eat as you eat. Then they prepare pasta, rice, and chicken. Of course, I paid them moderate expenses. Thank you very much.

32. This is the view from the room after dinner, looking out the window. It is a ridge reminiscent of Jirisan Mountain in Korea. The name of this lodging is Belvedere di IsaPol.

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