[545] 2022-07-30 Arriving at Bologna

Castelfranco Emilia ~ Bologna 24km

1. Today’s headline photo is a Bologna bendy bus with a nice design.

2. A 24-kilometer flat course to Bologna.

3. The departure was a little bit late today. Fortunately, the weather is slightly above 30 degrees in the afternoon, so it is not difficult to walk.


5. The design of the fire and rescue equipment machine attracts my attention.

6. There are many sprinklers, but greenhouse is barely noticeable.



9. A resident who likes Korea stopped the car and got off and followed the stranger.

10. The party also came along. We talked about all sorts of stories in the shade of the bus stop. I took a selfie with them.

11. They gave the traveler a lot of food, but I decided to take only a light one. A picture as we part.

12. The design of the gelato store is cool.

13. I can’t help but going in and taste it.

14. On Saturday, a resident who was stepping hard on a bicycle stops the bicycle and waits.

15. There are many roads like this today, so it is good to walk.

16. On the 26th of last month, an acquaintance recently translated my interview article published by the local media as I passed the suburbs of Munich.

I extract the main contents of the article and summarize them accurately again.
Professor Lee said, “Despite the three major nuclear accidents, the United Nations and others did nothing. It is unfortunate for parents to pass on to their children radioactive waste that will release radioactive rays for tens of thousands of years. Even worse, we set an example as if we could do bad things to our children. It is the path to self-destruction. How can humanity be like this? This is the starting point of the pilgrimage.”

17. This beautiful land and human life have not just come inherited.

18. I saw a huge piece of artwork as I enter Bologna.

19. The street trees and the ridges of the mountain are in harmony

20. I can see the citadel on the ridge. I tried zoom in.

21. Great design of bendy bus in downtown Bologna

22. After arriving at the lodging around 5 o’clock, I take this bus to a Korean restaurant and eat kimchi stew and pork belly. It is an advantage of a big city. Bologna has its own population of 380,000, but the metropolitan area has a population of 1 million.


I am walking 240 km from Milan to Bologna, walking 756km in all.
Tomorrow is my first break after ten days.

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