[544] 2022-07-29 Trying New Way

Rubiera ~ Modena ~ Castelfranco Emilia 25km

1. Today’s headline picture is the people at the fruit and vegetable store. The color is also rich.

2. A 25km course through the city of Modena with a population of 180,000.

3. Departure time is 5:20.




7. I enter the administrative district of Modena City.

8. It’s not easy to find a convenient road around here


10. I enter the country road. It’s a bit of a turnaround.

11. It is a wealthy farmhouse.


13. The SS9 road connects Milan to Bologna.
The village I am walking in now is the rural area below it.


15. Far off the ridge are the Apennine Mountains, which run through central Italy.

The K-reader tells me that Modena, where the area belongs, is the home of Luciano Pavarotti. Did he grow up looking at these landscapes and listening to the sounds of nature? In a few days, I will cross that mountain range to Florence.



18. The expected route was blocked by the railroad tracks.

19. Inevitably, I have to go through the farmland of a private house where there is no road.

20. It’s early morning, so there is no sense of someone’s presence.

21. Across the faint farmland,


23. I enter the normal path. It’s a wonderful experience.


25. At the fruit and vegetable store at the beginning of the city,

26. I became close to people.


28. I even taste the savory fried eggplants.

29. I’m eating watermelon after buying it

30. The son of the store owner is curious about the traveler.

31. I start walking again, and the young lady shows interest. She is studying veterinary science at the University of Bologna.


32. Come to think of it, famous cars such as Ferraris and Lamborghinis are also made in Modena.

33. The design of the city billboard is also chic.




37. A single-seater electric car strides down the central city.






43. The citizen, who has a friend in Korea, wants to take a picture of K-traveler and send it to him.

44. I taste this city’s gelato.


46. A bicycle overpass was built with new design.




50. Passing this bridge,

51. I enter the rural road again. The SS9 road is inconvenient, and it’s detoured as far away as the map.

52. I decided to explore a new path that is easy to walk by looking at a map.

53. I guessed there would be an undisclosed route in the farmland that connects the two parallel roads.

54. Indeed, there is a faint path. It’s the way someone walked before.



57. Now I walk comfortably.


59. In return for the success of the new attempt,

60. I walk on a beautiful forest path~

61. Soon a bridge over the river came out,

62. It is a bridge over a dam that is normally open and operated.


64. It is a dam that generates hydroelectric power by collecting rainwater from the upstream in such a floodplain.


66. The floodplain is quite wide. I searched and looked at the floodplain.

67. The area is considerable. This amount of water will be used to generate electricity and to recharge groundwater to be used as drinking water.

68. This reminds me of our discussion of Four Rivers Project in Korea.
From a long time ago, the solution to the Four Rivers problems has been re-naturalization. And one of the ultimate solutions has been to respect the old floodplain and restore it as much as possible.

69. Looking at this, it seems to be an example.

70. It is not far from the end of the embankment to the lodging. I arrive at the lodging around 2:30.

It was a day that gave me an unexpectedly rich experience as I tried to find a new way. Tomorrow I arrive at Bologna.

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