[543] 2022-07-28 Nuclear Phase-Out of Italy

Calerno ~ Reggio Emilia ~Rubiera 24km

1. Today’s headline photo is a distribution map of power plants in Europe. If you look at this data recently uploaded by someone, you can see that the hydro power generation in the Alps is huge. The majesty of the Alps extends not only to nature but also to artificial civilization.

2. Today’s course is 24 km through the city of Reggio Emilia with a population of 170,000.

3. The departure time is 5:10 a.m.



6. Italy is a model country which has phased out nuclear power.


8. The wisdom that can be obtained from Italy, which has led the history of mankind for a long time from Roman times to the Renaissance, is limitless.
Among them, what sets a model for modern times is the decision to phase out nuclear power and successful procedure.

9. Italy is an advanced country which has the capability of launching satellite owing to excellent modern science and technology. Italy was also operating four nuclear power plants. Right after the Chernobyl accident, however, Italy has shut down all nuclear power plants through a referendum.
A system in which the people make their own decisions has been put into operation.

10. Then, in the 2000s, there was a movement to rebuild the nuclear power plant. But immediately after the Fukushima accident, they decided to halt construction of nuclear power plant by a referendum again. In this country, which is originally favorable for hydro and solar power generation, the proportion of renewable energy is 20%, which is higher than the European target of 17%. Although the proportion of natural gas procurement is also high in Russia, it is easy to procure it elsewhere due to geographical conditions. Overall, energy problem seem to be affordable.

11. The overpass has a unique design.

12. When I turned to the front, it was a solar panel.

13. A billboard stating that solar power facilities will be renovated in a luxurious way. Italian solar panels produce similar or more electricity than hydropower.

14. According to this map, which shows the amount of sunlight, Italy is a country with an advantage for solar power generation.

15. In the meantime, what is noteworthy is the nuclear decommissioning sector. The problem is that the decision-making of nuclear waste disposal site has been slow, even with excellent decommissioning technology.

Decision-making over its location is still wandering until this year in 2022. When did it stop nuclear power plant? The disposal site is not yet decided.

This is concern for countries that have operated nuclear power plants in the past and those currently in operation.


17. Today’s section has a clearly structured bike path. This is the true face of developed countries.

18. The cemetery by the roadside,

19. Apparently an old house which is not inhabited.



22. Finland’s Onkalo, which was completed as the only landfill site for nuclear waste in the world, cannot be a model because it is near impossible for any country to overcome both the conditions of the landfill bedrock and the consent of local residents at the same time. Now nuclear power plants should be renamed as ‘nuclear waste factories’ that produce non-disposable nuclear waste, rather than ‘power plants’ that produce electricity.

23. I walked 10 km at dawn thinking about this and that. I took a picture while having breakfast.


25. Italy is setting an example for both nuclear phase-out and nuclear decommissioning. We must take a deep look.


26. I reach the city of Reggio Emilia.





30. There is a nice square deep inside the city that you won’t know unless you purposely visit it.



33. In the meantime, the soles were worn out and I felt uncomfortable while walking. Whenever I stopped by the city, I searched the repair shop. But the soles reinforcement service which may be found in Korea and Vietnam was difficult to find. It’s the same today.

34. Although the shoes look fine on the outside, the walking distance is almost 1,000 kilometers, including a domestic pilgrimage. Average life expectancy of shoes is passing. I have no choice but to buy new shoes. In Korea, I can keep it and repair it later. But unfortunately, I have no choice but to say goodbye here.
This is the 8th time since the pilgrimage began. I became attached this shoes. Adieu!



37. The man in the middle of the picture was sitting and chatting with his party. He saw a passing K-traveler and spoke to me. Then he gave me cool bottled water and we started to get along.

38. Two beauties who looked closely at the brochure and admired it take a commemorative photo with the K-traveler in between.

It’s a great scene~^^

39. Today, I arrive at my lodging neighborhood around 2:30.

40. I met the residents near the lodging.

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