[542] 2022-07-27 City of Taste, Parma

Ponte Taro ~ Parma ~ Gaida 26km

1. Today’s headline photo is a scene where I start walking at dawn to avoid afternoon heat.

2. It is a 26 km course that passes through Parma, a large city with a population of 200,000 people.

3. I leave the lodging before 5:10 which is earlier than yesterday. It rained last night, too. It is fortunate that the temperature has been lowered due to rain every night for two consecutive days.

4. I cross the Taro River in the dark.




8. Unlike yesterday, it is an administrative district with ample pedestrian space.


10. Tomatoes grow naturally.


12. Which era was this building made in?



15. I enter the city of Parma.

16. There is a COOP store,

17. I look inside for a moment. This neighborhood is particularly strong on groceries.

18. When I searched the Internet, I found that someone organized the industrial groups of Emilia-Romagna in Korean. I quote it with thanks. Here, the main industrial group of Parma appears.

19. So this city is famous as city of taste.


21. ALMA, a school famous for producing master chefs, is located 10 kilometers north of the city.

22. Besides, Parma University in the city is said to be old.

23. I can also see real estate advertisements.



26. This is a publicity board containing the historical records of the city.


28. The Parma River flows through the city.



31. Eventually, I meet a wonderful square.



34. I stayed at an outdoor cafe for a while and drank a glass of orange juice.

35. This city seems to have the know-how of storing meat such as Salami, ham and cheese etc.


37. While walking, I taste a small bread with ham produced in this neighborhood. I can feel the salty taste. But I don’t know the difference in taste because I’m insensitive in terms of taste.

38. A billboard shows the characteristics of this city.


40. I wanted to taste the gelato(ice cream) made in this city. But the time is short.


42. Korea has the know-how to store vegetable foods, such as soy sauce and kimchi. The taste and food using it are endless. It is not yet widely known in the world. In terms of greenhouse gas, the contribution to the global village will be greater than that of animal food storage technology. It is better to be more active.

43. Today, I walk a lot on this leisurely sidewalk.




47. But once I get out of the city, this section comes again.

48. I saw a fruit vendor. I wanted to buy a piece of garlic and a plum.

48. The owner provides free gifts to sweaty traveler. It’s a heartwarming selfie.


50. Drivers cheer for K-traveler who is walking briskly in the heat.


52. A good bike path appears.

53. It is a battery company.



56. A pedestrian road has been built up to a nearby village. It’s different from yesterday.



58. I saw an old-fashioned mansion

59. I searched.

60. It is a luxury hotel that was recently built.


62. A Chinese lady who works at a bar near my destination.

62. The resident I met here.

I arrived at the lodging around 2:30 today. Even though I spent my time leisurely observing the city of Parma, I arrived early. It’s the power of the dawn departure.

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