[541] 2022-07-26 Right to Walk

Fiorenzuola d’Arda~Fidenza~Ponte Taro 27km

1. Today’s headline photo is a sunrise scene above the horizon.

2. It is not a field. But it is a long distance of 27 km walking on a flat region.

3. It was sunny after the rain last night. So I have to go early to avoid the heatwave.

4. I looked at the clock and it was 5:10.


6. Darkness continues until I leave the city’s downtown area.



9. As I see the field, the day begins to dawn.

10. I can also see the sign of COOP.


12. Soon the sun rises.



15. After walking about 6 kilometers,

16. The Bar appears and I have breakfast here. You can’t see it in the picture, but there are breads and cakes that I bought yesterday.


18. These walkable paths sometimes appear.

19. Today, I walk along the unofficial walking path next to the car lane.

20. It is a rural-style lodging that provides agritourism.


21.There are many industries between Milan and Bologna.


23. Desolate road continues without a separate bike path.

24. These safe and separate roads appear rarely and discontinuously.


26. It is continuation of desolate road without a separate bike path. Until cars dominated in the last hundred years, this road was a walking space for people. But before I knew it, the car took over the owner’s place.

27. For example, in this map I walked today, A1 is a highway and SS9 is a general road. Although general roads are mainly roads where villages and industries are connected, there is little consideration for bicyclists or pedestrians.

28. It is similar to any country in the world. Germany and Japan are relatively well-considered, and the other countries are not yet.

29. At least in areas where these industries are located along the road, it is basic to have proper routes for bicyclists and walking. Korea, a high-density country, has to make roads for everyone.


31. I walked a lot in the morning. When I take a break, I also order fresh orange juice if possible. The price is 2 euros, so it’s cheap. It supports my body condition of the Italian pilgrimage.

32. I meet an old-fashioned small town.



35. The name of the town is Fidenza.








43. It’s about time to discuss for the sake of people’s right to walk at the global level.


45. It is a manufacturer of agricultural equipment.

46. It is also strange that it is difficult for people who work in these industries to go to work by bicycle.

47. One of the sure ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is to reduce the use of cars. Fundamental carbon reduction is possible if we respect pedestrians and switch to a land use structure centered on pedestrians.
Let’s open ‘Great Walking Age’ in global community.

48. Today’s lunch was a proper seafood risotto. It tastes just right.

49. I searched the restaurant where I couldn’t even see the signboard. But the room is full of customers. I was taking a selfi like this.

50. The people in the next seat give a thumbs up to the K-traveller. They already seem to have seen me walking.

51. Finally, we got close. One of them showed a picture of soccer player Kim Min-jae on his phone. He said that Kim signed for Napoli. The world became small.

52. I saw an old castle near my lodging. I searched it and found the name Castello di Castelguelfo, which is a fortress and prison built in the Middle Age.

53. Although it was a long distance today, I was able to arrive at the lodging at 2:30 pm because I left at 5 o’clock. To avoid the heat, I’ll have to keep this method for a while.

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