[540] 2022-07-25 Warm Heart People

Piacenza ~ Fiorenzuola D’Arda 22km

1. Today’s headline photo is “With the residents of a certain neighborhood”.

2. Easy to understand straight course, 22km.

3. I saw a medieval-type building, as soon as I leave the lodging.

4. It is dawn in the city of Piacenza, 6 o’clock.

5. Dinosaur movies are popular everywhere.

6. The sun that has just risen is seen next to the apartment.

7. Italy is a country of statues and sculptures. A sculpture shot by an arrow stands out. Is it history or art?



10. Italy is also a country of cooperative associations.

11. A typical example is COOP. COOP which may be said to be a consumer cooperative is supermarket system located everywhere in the country, especially in this region. Emilia Romagna is a wealthy province comparable to Lombardy.






16. As expected, the river dried up.

17. It is common to have such a passage because the building unit is generally large. The arch-shaped antique design stands out.


19. Residents of this country often eat breakfast at the bar. At a bar, I took a selfie with a beautiful manager who was curious about the K-traveler.

20. Another large supermarket, CONAD, is a cooperative founded by small merchants.

21. When I went in, I felt that the layout of the store was chic.

21. Both models are not run by large capital.


23. As I walked along the field road,

24. The groundwater is being pumped up to water the cornfield.

25. Groundwater contains salt. When salt accumulates, the soil becomes poor. Looking closely at the soil floor, there are signs of salt accumulation.

26. While I was doing so, a car was waiting for me. Travelers from the Netherlands were preparing cool bottles of water to cheer the K-traveler who was walking.

27. Thank you!



30. I also go into the COOP store.

31. I buy a yogurt with a COOP brand and taste it.

32. The opening time is short. The members of the union take the lead in selling and purchasing goods. It is said that the number of union members is also large nationwide. It is a system of cooperation in which members share the gains that capital will take otherwise. The reason, why life in Italy which has a low GDP among developed countries looks so rich, seems to be explained by this system.

33. I’m passing by a small town,

34. Perhaps this person saw a walking K-traveler. She waited and welcomed me.
She closed her shop,

35. She leads me to another store across the street, a bar. They serve cold water and cake.

36. I took out a banner map, in a long time, because workers and customers in the bar showed interest.

37. Group selfie~

38. I took a selfie with her again.

39. I took a selfie with the guests nearby.

I also drank an extra cup of Americano coffee from this store. It tasted very good. It is a sweet taste that is recommendable to anyone who seeks taste, besides the atmosphere.



42. It is a field where wheat was harvested.

43. Straw was tied up for fodder.

44. When I looked at the packaging, I found that thin and transparent plastic twine was used.

45. Straws are also ecologically good to recycle on the spot. But livestock manure takes a lot of time and energy to come back to this place after proper fermentation.

46. COOP billboards are everywhere.

47. When I walk in Italy, I felt that the residents gathered well and people were warm hearted. The success of these cooperative associations seems to close relationship with that atmosphere.

48. It’s getting hotter.

49. Riverbeds are here too. Now it’s time to rain.

50. I arrive at the destination city around 2 o’clock thanks to my diligent walking overcoming the heat.
The name is also unique, Fiorenzuola D’Arda.



52. There is a cathedral and a square in the center.

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