[539] 2022-07-24 Ordinary Day

Castel San Giovanni ~ Piacenza 25km

1. Today’s headline photo is the entrance to a medieval fortress decorated in Roman style that I saw while passing by.

2. A 25 kilometer course through the city of Castel San Giovanni.

3. Today, I leave at 6 o’clock.

4. It was not luxurious, but it was a large lodging. It is next to the highway and logistics complex.


6. Residents showed interest when I entered the city and stopped by a bar for breakfast.

7. I start walking from the field.

8. I see street trees that appear in movies depicting the Roman period.


10. I can see a really nice tree-lined road.
When I browsed, it was the entrance to a medieval fortress decorated in Roman style.



13. Unlike yesterday, a cloud appears from somewhere and blocks the sun to help the traveler.

14. In Sunday, there are very few shops opened, I stopped by the bar where the locals gather. The owner welcomes the K-traveler very much. She pours cool water for me. She doesn’t even receive money for the bottled water I ordered.

15. I took a selfie with her daughter who helps her.

16. As I left, I took a photo of the store.




20. It is a much easier course than yesterday.



23. It’s a tomato field. They grow tomato in natural way.



26. The resident of a small village welcomes me.

27. It’s 27 degrees after 10 o’clock. I think it will be around 2 or 3 o’clock when I arrive at the destination. It’s hot. But the sunlight of such level is okay to walk.

28. A young man who ran across the street in the opposite direction, came back to me after seeing K-traveler walking. He says he lives in Madova and he started biking towards Spain.

29. I took a picture of him leaving again.

30. I can see a place where the field was just plowed. The birds are looking for food in overturned soil.


32. I cross the Trebbia River, which also appears in battle of Roman era.

33. Perhaps because of the drought, the river bed was exposed.

34. The border of the destination city, Piacenza, is visible.
It is a large city with a population of over 100,000.


35. But there is still a long way to go to the lodging.

36. This person parks the car next to me and gives me bottled water. He said that he saw me walking from Giovanni, the starting point, and also mentions the number 20 km.

37. I feel a little bit tired since I walked long hours yesterday. I dozed for a while on a bench in the shade.

38. I want to eat a proper risotto,

39. I searched Google and went to a restaurant in the city that Google indicated open.

40. It’s closed.

41. There is no choice but to simply eat at a pizza restaurant. After lunch I walked to the center of the city.


43. It is the antique central square in the center.


45. This city is on the way to Bologna. It is three days’ distance from Milan. But it took me four days because I stopped by Pavia.

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