[538] 2022-07-23 Swelter of Lombardy Plain

Pavia~Castel San Giovanni 27km

1. Today’s headline photo is a sunrise in Lombardy field.

2. The 27 km long distance in summer is expected to be a hard course even if I starts at dawn.

3. I leave the farmhouse’s unusual lodging.

4. It was a little past 6 o’clock.

5. Unlike the place I saw yesterday, this is a rice field where water is properly applied.

6. The eastern sky has turned red.

7. The agricultural waterway is full of water.

8. A tractor engine is used to pump water from agricultural waterways.

9. Farmers started working at dawn in this field.

10. The sun is beginning to appear.

11. It is not easy to see the sunrise in the fields in Korea.

12. A paddy field where rice is growing so evenly is a place where the bottom is precisely leveled.

13. If it is properly leveled, it is possible to suppress weeds even in shallow water. Just like rice transplantation, the success or failure of weeding management in direct seeding depends absolutely on leveling the bottom of the rice field.



16. The cat is staring at the traveler under the eaves.


18. The agricultural waterways are laid like a spider’s web, and the water is being pumped diligently.

19. Large and small agricultural waterways are lined up on both sides of this road where large agricultural machinery go in and out.



22. The cloudless sky over the field is already hot just after seven o’clock.




26. The dry agricultural waterway I saw yesterday seems to be a very exceptional case. Today, water is flowing steadily into the spider web-like agricultural waterways in the field.

27. The power of the Alps is reaching every corner of this field, even when the weather has been very dry.




31. Water flows like a waterfall between two agricultural channels with a large step difference.

32. DIY car wash

33. I saw a building that looked like an old castle.

34. I look into the door.



37. It seems to be a mixture of beans and rice.

38. There is no water benefit in this place yet.

39. I can see a large farmhouse in the middle of the field.






45. It’s slowly getting hotter. I tend to walk in the shade.


47. A quiet country road on Saturday morning

48. Cyclists are enjoying themselves.

49. Forests on the plains are precious.



52. If there are no clouds, I walk in the heat.


54. I stopped by a cafe and restaurant in a neighborhood while sweating.

55. I drank fresh fruit orange juice and ordered watermelon,

56. Someone is sending this risotto dish to a traveler.

57. This couple! They even paid for juice and watermelon. A selfie of gratitude~
Come to think of it, this couple lives in Lombardy. It is an area that has been kind to traveler from the border.

58. A selfie with a kind owner.

59. Commemorative photo while leaving.


61. Country roads have many milestones.

62. Humidity is quite high because of the spider web-like waterways. I take out my parasol when walking in the sweltering heat without shade.

63. It is a grateful thing that blocks sunlight.


65. Pumped water is being sent to rice paddies through pipes. Even if it looks simple, a three-dimensional design is required.

66. I stopped by a farmhouse in the shade to rest,

67. The cat is dozing like owner of the house.


69. There is a big difference in crop production between watered and non-watered areas.

70. I walked 23 kilometers. Now I have 4 kilometers left. The time is 3 p.m.

71. The last hurdle is crossing the Po River. At this time, the sky suddenly showed a magical power and covered the sun with clouds to protect the traveler.



74. The river flow has decreased so much. It is difficult to float a boat.

75. The majesty of the Po River, which once ruled the cities of the Great Plains, disappeared due to low water level. Maybe it’s because the world has become more complicated.

76. The water quality is not good.

77. I leave Lombardy.




81. Soon, I can see the lodging.
It was the most difficult day since the summer pilgrimage began.

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