[537] 2022-07-22 Pavia

Certosa di Pavia ~ Pavia 14km

1. The citadel I saw yesterday is a huge monastery complex called Certosa di Pavia.

2. This park has been historically closely related to the monastery. Pavia is located at the southern end of this park.

3. Today, I will walk only 14 kilometers to see the city of Pavia and the fields nearby.

4. I departed at 6:20.


6. Barnyard grass is also growing in the rice field.


8. I enter the city of Pavia early in the morning along the canal.





13. The city gate looks like the main gate of a university. I soon found out why.

14. The street is under repair.

15. Including the street

16. The city itself looks antique.

17. Looking closely at the government building, it looks antique too.

18. A tributary of the Po River appears at the end of the city.




22. The Po River crosses northern Italy and its basin.

23. Pavia is located at the point where the main stream and its tributary meet. Pavis is also connected to Milan by a waterway.

24. In other words, Pavia is the node of the water transport network of the Lombardy plain which is 30 km south of Milan.

25. I take a break while looking at this tributary.

26. I look around the old town slowly.


28. Old Monastery Building


30. This big square is located inside this city, which has a population of just over 70,000.

31. The floor treatment is also worth seeing.

32. There are many young people.

33. I realized that this city itself is a university campus. Buildings are scattered all over the place. This is where the University History Museum is located.




37. The University of Pavia is a historic university.


38. Surprisingly, it was founded in 1361.
It is a university that was established so early in the water transportation hub.

39. There are older universities in Italy than Pavia university. But Pavia university was also established before the Renaissance. It has been a university representing the Lombardy region for a long time.





44. Brands of wine.




48. This is a company that manufactures processed rice products.



51. Company billboards.

52. This is old Monastery appearing on billboard of the city.


54. I can see today’s lodging. It is a farmhouse-style residence in the field.

55. When I looked at the nearby fields,

56. Barnyard grass is growing together.

57. There is no water in the agricultural waterway.

58. Far from the canal, this place seems to be affected by the climate. Italy is in drought this year.

59. I see a large combine machine for harvesting rice.

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