[532] 2022-07-17 Way to Milan

Como City ~ Seregno 23km

1. There are two days left up to downtown Milan. Today, on the first day, I walk 23 km to the Seregno station.

2. I eat breakfast at the lodging today. So I’m leaving at 7:30. I look a little bit tires.



5. There is a big picture of Como City in harmony with the lake.





10. A group of cyclists brings the city vigor on Sunday morning.



13. Some drivers who have already seen K-traveler walking welcome me as soon as I enter the bakery.

14. Commemorative selfies with each family

15. The child is covering her face because she is shy.


17. I’m walking for a while.

18. Streets named after American celebrities appear.

19. Looking at the map of the area, it seems to be American residence related to NATO Defense Forces.


21. In Italy, skills of stone-handling have been proven since Roman times.

22. This is car-friendly land use in the suburbs. It is one of the typical aspects of a modern city.


24. 1:00 p.m. in Italy is 8:00 p.m. in Korea.

25. On a bench in the shade of a tree, I participate in a Zoom meeting with the purpose of legislating punishment of ChosunIlbo, a ‘criminal group disguised as the media’.

26. It is a meeting to listen to the voices of Koreans scattered all over the world. It is a follow-up event, with the same theme, held at the National Assembly in the middle of last month. Now time is up.

27. This man is a devout Buddhist whom I met in the neighborhood not far from Seregno station. This person seems to have been waiting for K-traveler on purpose.

28. Then his colleagues nearby joined in. One of them enters the building and gives me cool bottled water. It’s sweet water because I was thirsty.

29. Today, I take a train from Segno station for about 20 minutes and go to sleep in Milan lodging. I’ll come back here and walk.

30. I chose a lodging with a kitchen near the Korea Food Market close to Milan Central Station.
The photo is a view of the city from the lodging.

I fill my stomach with ramen, instant rice, and kimchi that I missed. I will be staying here for about four days.
I will rest tomorrow.

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