[533][534] 2022-07-18~19 Arriving at Milan

Seregno~Milan (Duomo) 22km

1. After one day’s rest, I walk to Milan now.

2. It is 22 km up to Duomo Square in central Milan.

3. I left the lodging at dawn and arrived at the starting point, Seregno Station, at 7:20.

4. Europe is surrounded by heatwave, but this country is walkable.



7. There are many people on their way to work who cheer for walking K-traveler.

8. People are waving in slow-moving car. The power of the Korean Wave is great in Italy these days.

Come to think of it, there have been quite a few motorcyclists that have been passing by shouting “Annyonghaseyo.” It feels like an international language these days.

9. The roadside trees are rich and wonderful.


11. I want to walk all day long on this road.


13. Birds flock in a recently harvested field (probably a bean field).

14. I stopped by the bakery for breakfast,

15. I ordered ice cream, and the owner puts it by double.


17. A residential town near Milan.




21. An ad to sell a house.

22. Even the street name has a musical vibe.

23. These young men waited for the K-traveler. In particular, a young man in the middle asks questions in detail. Then they bring two bottles of sparkling water.

24. The resident who was next to me, came up and gave a thumbs up.




28. There is a perfect wooden bench in the shaded park by the road. It’s a great break time. I look into Korean news by surfing the Internet.

29. I just found an interesting picture.

30. There is also an electric railroad going to Milan in this town.

31. Milan has its own population of 1.37 million, and has a metropolitan area with 3.37 million, including the surrounding population.

32. Its own population is smaller than Vienna, but the metropolitan area has a larger population. Is it because the plain is wide?

33. Suddenly I heard ‘Annyeonghaseyo’ and I turned around. I saw mother and daughter with a friendly expression passing by. It is a time for selfie which I can never miss.

34. The advantage of the countries around the Alps is that people are generous in terms of water. There is public tap water everywhere. It is a good friend to passerby walking in the heat.


36. Old trams are also running.



39. At last, I entered the city of Milan.

40. It is an old castle.

41. Looking at the map, it is Sforzesco Castle.



44. It is said that there are several castle walls made in different era.

45. As I walked through this castle, it was built like a defensive fortress.

46. This moat must have been dug for defensive purpose.

47. ​​Looking at the turbulent history, Milan rose to the center of Italy while suffering from external aggression. It can be inferred that this castle played an important role.

48. Come to think of it, Milan was built on the plains with no mountains or large rivers for defensive use.

49. The main mall is on the way to Duomo Square out of the castle.

50. The temperature is hot, but it is dry. So heat is endurable in the shade.

51. At last, I arrived at the square where the Milan Cathedral(Duomo di Milano) was located.

52. It is a beautiful and splendid cathedral.

53. The statue in the square is said to be the person who united Italy in the 1800s (Vitoria Emanuele II).

54. K-Traveler decided to receive his energy too. ^^

55. Milan, which I arrived today, is the turning point of this summer pilgrimage. I arrived smoothly and on schedule.
I will have another day off tomorrow.

56. The distance I have walked so far is 516 km. I walked a lot.
Above all, it was great that I crossed the Alps safely.
I thank those people who support and pray for me.

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