[531] 2022-07-16 Como Lake and “K-Reader”

Lezzeno~Como City 25km

1. Lake Como seen at dawn

2. A 25 km course along the lakeside to downtown Como.
It is expected to be above 35 degrees this afternoon. From now on, I will depart at dawn if possible.

3. I looked at the clock and it was six o’clock.
My face is dry as if I lack sleep.

4. It is cool in the morning.

5. Sunrise time has passed, but the sun is covered by clouds.

6. I saw a colorful flower, so I approached it

7. It looks like althea. But I am not sure because the leaf shape is different.

8. There are few people on the streets at dawn on Saturday.





13. I meet a resident who enjoys morning coffee.

14. Cyclists enjoying this course passed by and waited for K-traveler.

15. Residents are enjoying morning coffee and meals on the piloti-type balcony.



18. It’s lucky to walk around this beautiful lake.

19. Today, many people enjoy riding a bicycle.

20. Neighbors gather together with curious eyes.


22. While I arranged my pilgrimage diary. I found the memo written by a reader of my diary. He was an essayist.

23. He translated the contents of the monument which recorded the words of President Kennedy that I saw yesterday.

“When power leads man to arrogance,
poetry reminds him of his limits.
When power simplifies the area of human knowledge,
poetry reminds man of the richness and diversity of existence.
When power corrupts,
poetry purifies”

24. This person also attaches the following text.

“As K-reader crosses the Alps following the footsteps of a traveler, I realize that the breadth and dimension of my thinking is changing.”

What a wonderful K-reader!
K-traveler also feels the joy of writing a pilgrimage diary.


26. I just saw a Japanese restaurant, so I eat ‘Ramen’ and rice for lunch. I haven’t eaten rice in a long time.


28. I just saw a Japanese restaurant, so I eat ‘Ramen’ and rice for lunch. I haven’t eaten rice in a long time.



31. Various sides of Como city with a population of over 80,000.

About Como on Wikipedia

32. I was going to take a day off here. But thinking of various circumstances, I decided to walk straight to Milan.

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