[530] 2022-07-15 JFK and Como Lake

Dervio~ Lezzeno 18 km (section length 22 km)

1. Today is a 22km course that crosses Lake Como. Among them, 4 km by boat is included. So the official walking record is 18 km.

2. It is hot early in the morning. I leave the lodging around 8 o’clock.

3. Lake and Ducks


5. There is also a large bird that looks like a swan.

6. It seems clean water is flowing coming from many valleys. The color of water is transparent.




10. I took the bread in my backpack. I slice it and throw it away. All of a sudden, many kinds of birds flock to me.

11. Still, this bird is the king.


13. It is a beautiful lake with an artificial atmosphere.


15. I sit on this bench

16. I look back at the far-away Alps.




20. There are also ferries going around.


22. Recreationists at lakeside

23. I have to take a boat to get to Como, the gateway city to Milan.

24. The tourists are abundant.





29. New Silk Road for Life & No-Nukes flag is waving in the wind


30. I arrive at the town called Bellagio.

31. I sit on a bench under the shade of a tree. I look at the lake and eat prepared kebab for lunch.

32. The weather today is not good. It is expected to get hotter in the afternoon. It is important to arrive early to the lodging, about 6 kilometers afar.

33. There is an outdoor video facility in commemoration of President Kennedy nearby.

34. He visited this lake in 1963. I searched and found that he also left the word “the most beautiful lake in the world.”

35. Strangely, after hearing the story I think Lake Como is more beautiful.


37. K-traveler is similar to Kennedy starting with K.
And the aspiration to give a vision to mankind is similar.

38. The angle of the camera capturing the lake is good.

39. It turned out to make a more beautiful picture.






45. Soon, I can see the lodging village.

46. To the boat enjoying leisure,

47. ​​I waved the flag large and the reaction came.

48. I arrived at the lodging early around 3 o’clock. After taking a nap, I looked down from my room and took a picture in late afternoon.

49. I picked one of the ad photos of the lodging. Even though it’s a fairly expensive lodging, I stay at reasonable cost thanks to early reservation.

From tomorrow, I will move from dawn to avoid the heat.

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