[529] 2202-07-14 Committee of 100 Supporting Pilgrimage

Verceia~Dervio 21km

1. Today’s headline photo shows the introduction of 100 members of the New Silk Road for Life & No-Nukes on the English homepage

2. It is a smooth 21 km course passing by a large lake.

3. It is a good and memorable lodging.

4. It will be cool in the morning but hot in the afternoon.

5. A shelter looks comfortable.

6. It is next to the lake.

7. I look at the lake that I arrived yesterday again.

8. He is practicing rowing.



11. I walk the allee.

12. I pass this cave, too.






18. This house looks beautiful. This was built by hand using stones and baked bricks. The raw materials produce little waste even when people dismantle a building after living for many generations. The raw materials can be reused or returned to nature.


20. Clouds block the sun all morning.

21. Tombstone on the roadside.


23. I entered a village.

24. Two guests who drink coffee across the street wave to the traveler.

25. Another coffee shop just appeared, so I took a break.

26. By the way, this place was like a hideout where many local residents gathered. Suddenly, a Korean traveler appears, and the residents want to know the story. I took a selfie after exchanging communication with brochure and Google Translator while speaking in poor English.

27. Some residents brought their 15-year-old son.

28. A question-and-answer session continues one by one with the residents who joined later. The most curious question of these people, who understood everything in detail, was who was sponsoring this long trip over 5 years.

29. I showed the introduction page of the 100 members of the New Silk Road for Life & No-Nukes on the English homepage on my phone.

They look at the photos carefully.

30. She asks my age and gives me a drink in surprise.



33. European restaurants have different opening hours. So if I don’t feel like checking in advance, it’s easy to buy food at the supermarket and eat at the park.

34. I ate a risotto lunch in the shade of a park bench at a small station called Colico. Risotto is made by soaking and frying rice with various food ingredients. The taste is not good. After chewing for a long time, however, the unique taste of rice comes out. It was worth eating as it is.

35. And suddenly this young lady greets K-traveler with ‘Annyeonghaseyo’. She is a 19-year-old student who will go to Seoul to study Korean from this fall. She’s been planning for six years. It’s a great decision. She says that she likes K-pop and K-dramas, and she has been studying Korean for one year. She can understand the Korean phrase “From Seoul to the Vatican on foot” hanging on my body right away. Her name is Stefania, and she already decided her Korean as ‘Navi’.

36. I wish Navi’s success!

37. He is a cyclist from Switzerland. After hearing the explanation of the K traveler, he was deeply moved. He gave me 10 euros from his wallet.

36. He ran to his wife who had gone ahead of him.

37. After waiting for me, I took a selfie together~


39. I meet a big lake again.

40. I meet Lago di Como, an incredibly long and large lake. In our naming, it’s Lake Como. The area is 146 ㎢, which is about a quarter of Seoul.

41. It means that the whole Alps water is locked up. Although it is smaller than Lake Boden in Austria, it is functionally similar.

42. As I sit and rest for a while in the shade of a tree on the sandy shore of this lake, an old woman comes up to the traveler and gives a piece of cool watermelon. This color is an exquisite ensemble that will chase away the heat as well as enrich the mind.

43. A vacationer is rowing on the lake with his dog on the board.

But at this moment, the phone has been turned off. All the auxiliary batteries have gone to zero. I forgot to charge it yesterday. I missed the selfie with the person who gave me the watermelon.

44. I came across this restaurant while walking for about an hour without contact. It was too early to open the door. But the manager here is kind to the stranger. He gave me a favor. He allowed me to recharge the phone, and at the same time he give me plenty of drinks. I also enjoy relaxing in the shade of the outdoor terrace.

45. After a while, I tried to take a selfie with the manager. I he was not there. So I took photo of only the restaurant sign and the view.


47. As I walk today, I think of the 100 committee members. This committee was named as 100-member committee to remember the supporters who donated one million won per person.

48. This pilgrimage could not have been realized without their willingness to support at the year of 2016, when the pilgrimage plan was made.

49. My walking safely so far means that their aspirations are realized.

50. Also, I was able to cross the Alps thanks to the people who joined the committee recently and helped me.

51. I arrived at the destination village of Dervio,

52. A resident who was preparing to work in his farm saw a traveler. It’s 32 degrees here.



55. I had a hard time finding the lodging because the address was not clear.

56. I go up close to the old castle high in the village.

57. I took a panoramic picture of Lake Como.



60. There was a resident who accidentally checked the exact location of the lodging near the old castle and guided me to there. Surprisingly she was a Buddhist. Next month, she is supposed to hold Buddhists Meeting at her house.

61. Although I had a hard time, I had the opportunity to look at the atmosphere of the place where the old fortress was located.

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