[527] 2022-07-12 From Swiss To Italy

Swiss Silsersee ~ Italy Borgonuovo 32km

1. Today’s headline photo is a checkpoint at the border crossing from Switzerland to Italy.

2. It is a 32 km long-distance valley course that descends 1,400 meters from 1,800 meters above sea level to 400 meters. There was no lodging available for reservation at the midpoint. And it became inevitably the longest course of the pilgrimage.

3. I get out of the lodging before departure in the morning and look at the lake again.

4. I heartily watched it yesterday. Looking again today, it is a beautiful scene.

5. I can also see horses grazing on the shore of the lake in the distance.

6. In the meantime, a guest who showed interest in the K-Nagne (a nickname given to me by one of the 100 supporting members) approached.

7. I took a commemorative photo of the lodging just before departure at 8:30 in the morning.

8. After crossing the pass, this lake is still continuing. Looking at the map, it is a very long lake.


10. I walk healing in the morning.


12. The lake is over.

13. This is a full-fledged descent.




17. I go down this winding road for a long time.


19. Weeds are under control.

20. The design of the water collecting gutter is worth seeing.

21. They also built a structure that supports rocks that are at risk of collapse.

22. I met a family after going down a steep slope. The son is 22 years old.


24. In the valley, there was a pond with vertical waterfall. The pond attracts traveler.

In my old days when I climbed Sullak mountain in Korea, I used to jumped in the pond which attracted the young man by beautiful color.

25. Clouds are collaborating with downhill view.

26. I can also see buildings that look like old ruins.





31. I was passing through a beautiful village.

32. A 19-year-old young man of the neighborhood approached me out of curiosity. Today, I often meet young people.

33. The lens of this phone camera is,

34. There is a tendency to take a darker blue than in reality. This photo shows it.


36. The mountain peaks that used to be covered with snow seem to have melted away.

37. It is said that there was an avalanche of melting glacier in the Alps a few days ago, about 200 kilometers away from here.

38. The peaks here do not have snow.


40. There are two well-known causes of global warming: 1) excessive use of fossil fuels, and 2) reduction in the carbon storage capacity of the soil.

41. I and a few scholars add two more reasons. That is, 3) the heat of the mantle has risen near the surface due to excessive nuclear tests, and 4) heat pollution caused by hot water discharged from numerous nuclear power plants.

42. I arrived at a village for lunch. It is 17 km after departure.

43. This is an Italian linguistics professor. He sensed that appearance of walking K-Nagne was unusual. So he stopped his car and waited for me for a while. He says he likes the Dalai Lama, giving him a thumbs up on nuclear phase-out. And he is curious about the idea that ‘another UN is needed’.


45. Among the causes of global warming that I and others want to add, the 3rd is an area that needs further research. But the real situation is clearly revealed.


47. I enter the old road.

48. ​​It is a village where old relics remain.

49. The floor treatment of the “sloping road” of the old days is worth seeing.

50. The stones were neatly and tightly embedded as if building a wall on a slope. Rainwater flows over it and penetrates into the soil between the horizontal stones. As rainwater seeps in, the risk of local flooding is reduced, and soil is rarely lost.


52. Is the water tank in every village a tradition from Rome?

While writing this diary, I hear from a friend that there is a relic of the Roman era even on the hill of Julierpass that I crossed yesterday. He also told me that the pass is the boundary that separates the basin of the Rhine and the Danube.

53. I try to capture the old village and the Alps in one scene.


55. I often see a group of bicycle enthusiasts.

56. Among the warming reasons listed above, number 4 is logically clear.

Energy is added to the entire earth by causing nuclear fission with a material other than an energy source from the sun, but only a fraction of it is used as electricity and most of the energy is thrown away on the earth.

This heat does not go away, it stays on Earth, and it continues to increase. It is an important cause of thermal pollution. In addition, it triggers ocean acidification, which reduces the carbon storage capacity of seawater.







63. Finally, it’s a checkpoint on the border to Italy.

64. The workers welcome the K-Nagne. In particular the person in the middle, maybe boss, guided me to his office and served coffee and coke.

I praised that Italian men are handsome.

65. It seems that I received the most generous treatment among the border offices I have crossed so far.


67. I feel like I came to my country in Europe.

68. Prices are similar to ours.

69. The local ladies are friendly too. They asked me about the specific purpose of walking. I translated it and showed it as follows. Then, they raise their thumbs and boast that they have all removed nuclear power plants. This is something I envy you.



72. It’s a village full of warmth.

73. I often hear the horns of passing cars welcoming the K-Nagne. There are much more expressions of thumbs up in the car window and in the open car without a roof. When I walk waving my hands, the fatigue from long walking disappears.


75. They enjoy rock climbing.



78. The alleyway is dandy, too.

79. Finally, it is the village where the lodging is located. It was 8 o’clock in the evening. It was a long day.

80. There is also a waterfall next to the lodging.

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