[526] 2022-07-11 Climax of Alps

Bivio~Julierpass~Silvaplana~Silsersee 26km

1. This is the view from the big pass, Julierpass, I crossed today.

2. Today, I crossed a big pass of Alps ridge at 2284m above sea level.

3. I departed from the impressive lodging in Bivio village.

4. It’s 13 degrees and the weather is fine.

5. It is 9km to the top of the hill. I have to climb about 500m in height.

6. The scenery is beautiful with every step.



9. The water is clear and cool.


11. Even at 2,000 meters above sea level, the farmer is mowing grass.

12. Looking closely, it’s not an ordinary grass. There are many kinds of Esculent barnyard grass in the weeds.

13. Esculent barnyard grass is a plant in the rice family. It is now treated as a weed. But until the early Chosun Dynasty, it was treated as a hunger crop.

14. I can see the wrap silage. The grass seems to be cut and used as feedstuff.

15. I saw a man driving the weed-cutting machine,

16. I waited and asked him. He said it is called Viehfutter(hay) in German.

17. We compress the rice straw into the bales, ferment it a little bit, and feed it to the cow. This process is not ecologically desirable because it takes the rice straw out from the rice fields. However, it seems natural for them to turn the weeds of the rice family and bean family into feed bales, as here.

18. This farmhouse has loads of bales. This type of agriculture is also practiced at higher elevations.

19. Gradually the slope became steep,

20. There is a nice view at the top of the ridge.






26. There is a device to prevent the rocks from flowing down.

27. Grazing cows are also seen.

28. The mother cow and calf.

29. Base camp for hikers is near the summit.
People park here and enjoy a full-scale hike in the mountains and come back.

30. From the top of the ridge, I also decided to follow a slim mountain path where people walk, instead of car road.

31. After walking for about 10 minutes, I reached the top.

32. The top of the pass called Julierpass, is seen from the car road.

33. The natural scenery around here.

34. I took a commemorative photo beside the signboard indicating the 2284m above sea level.

35. A small pond is located at the top of the pass.

36. Lookin back, this is the climax of a long pilgrimage. I sit at the resting place at the top and enjoy the recess. People around the world seem to cheer me.

37. I eat for a while and then go downhill on the other side.


39. It is a snow mountain on the other side of the ridge seen from the downhill road.


41. It’s paradise of cow.


43. I can see people enjoying bicycle tracking in the distance.

44. At the moment when the slope became steep, I could see the peak of snow mountain in the distance.

45. I zoomed in. I think the lens on my phone is good.

46. Finally, I see Lake Silvaplana.

47. I came down about 500 meters in height.



50. I took a rest in the village of Silvaplana.

51. I enter the beautiful lake path.



54. The Alps seems to give a big gift to the traveler who had a hard time crossing the hill.

55. At this beautiful lake,

56. I met a woman who enjoys sunbathing. She likes and welcomes Korean.

The woman, who is also a YouTuber, wanted me to take videos of her various poses.

57. And she takes a great photo of traveler.

58. I has strong desire to enter this water.

59. When I put my feet in the water, I just can’t think of getting in. I only take commemorative picture like last time.


61. I walked feeling the impact of ice water on the soles, and enjoyed the lake road for a while.






67. Besides this lake, there is another lake in the southwest direction.

68. As I passed the village between the two lakes, I saw a beautiful water tank.


70. The two lakes are connected.


72. Lake Silser has clearer water color

73. There is a lodging at the end of this lake.

74. The scenery is excellent.


76. Several people enjoyed rock climbing on the cliffs of the lake.

77. After a while, I can see the lodging.

78. The vicinity of the lodging is also nice. I didn’t know this ahead. I didn’t have a choice while designing the course. I just searched a lodging to stay. This wonderful scenery is a gift from the Alps.

79. The view from the balcony of the shared living room on the 3rd floor of the lodging. It was the most beautiful and meaningful day of the pilgrimage.

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