[525] 2022-07-10 Difficulty of Using Power

Surses~Bivio 19km

1. Another view of the Alps with a lake

2. Today, it is a 19km uphill course that continues to climb 600 meters in height.

3. I leave the accommodation in a relatively clear weather of 13 degrees..


5. It is a ski resort town that will be very crowded in winter.




9. There are many buildings built for resorts.


11. I took a selfie with family members who were curious about stranger. The children’s expressions are cute.


13. There was a counterargument about the article “Direct Democracy in Switzerland” posted the day before yesterday. I pointed out the problem of President Moon’s no-use of power. The discussant said that no-use of power is better than excessive exercise of power.

14. As I walked today, I made up my mind to think about the use of power.

15. Because I was always thinking that one of the essence of the global crisis rests on that problem.

16. While walking with that thought in mind, a police officer suddenly appears.

17. The police officers probably heard about a rumor of a suspicious traveler walking toward the border. They meticulously asked many questions. Switzerland is not an EU member country, so they seem to take a different approach to foreigners. After investigating for a while, they have understood my identity. Then they ask my major field in friendly mode. They say goodbye with a smile, but refuse to take a selfie. I took a selfie with the police car instead.

18. There are lots of this kind of convertible cars, because of weekend covering yesterday and today. They wave to traveler without exception.

19. There are many reckless drivers.


21. I met a resident while drinking coffee at a snack bar of a gas station.


23. I often see a clear stream.

24. At around 1 pm, I sit down in this neighborhood and eat packed lunch. I attend a Zoom videoconference with Korea. This is an internal seminar of the Association of Korea Land Policy, which is my major field. The global village became small.


26. I see an advertisement for a bicycle school.


28. The saint who dealt in depth with the issue of power is Confucius. In his Analects, he discovered the essence of power by stating ‘noble man’ as a subject who properly exercises power, and explained the difficulty of using power through various analogies.

29. Confucius discovered the essence of how a ‘noble man’ should live and deal with the world in order to use his power as a living being.

30. I have also deductively summarized the problem of power in relation to the identity of ‘decision making’, which is the core of urban planning.


31. There was a local water tank built in 1935. I tasted the water and it wasn’t bad.

31. I take out the handkerchief which I used to wipe the sweat with. I rinse it off, and dry it while resting. This handkerchief was handmade by monk Jiyul. I met her at Naeseongcheon in the Nakdong River 10 years ago when I was opposing the Four Rivers Project. I had forgotten about it. When I took it out and dried it, I looked closely and I recollected the handkerchief.

32. Across from the seat, I can see the familiar name of Edelweiss which represents famous song of Sound of Music.


34. There is a milestone indicating that village of St. Moritz at the top of the ridge is 29 kilometers away.

35. The sheep are grazing.

36. Mother and baby sheep are standing side by side.

37. My Facebook friend’s defense of President Moon was a passive stance implying that no-use of power may be better than abuse of power.

38. However, this is not the case in terms of the meaning of decision-making and the mechanism of power. From the perspective of the community, no-use of power may be worse than over-exercise of power.

39. “Power is an entity that exists when a community delegates decision-making. The key point is to use power at the right time.

Not-missing the right time gives you an opportunity to correct the wrong use of power, but if you miss the timing and delay the use of power you will make chaos throughout the community. Even if the right use of power is delayed, the people have already been deprived of their right to express pro and con.”

This is a summary of the memo that I sent to my Facebook friend. This is why many people are angry even though President Moon did not made active mistakes. No-use of power may harm the whole community.

40. I see a huge man-made dam.

41. A huge man-made dam was built near the summit of the Alps.


42. When I look down, I can see the road that I passed.



45. I walked along the deck for a long time,

46. There is a signboard like this.

47. It’s not an ordinary facility either. At the bottom of the lake, elaborated power generation facilities are connected to the lake and river below. It is an important national facility. I understand why the police investigated the walking traveler earlier.

48. I had an espresso coffee and a snack at lakeside restaurant.

49. The owner shows interest.

50. I walk for a long while along the pedestrian deck,

51. A young man is preparing angling in the below.

52. Although it is a man-made dam, the harmonious scenery with the Alps is exquisite.


54. A barrier installed to prevent stones from rolling down the road from the rocky mountain behind. It was constructed in 1951.

55. The UN was created to prevent the abuse of power after the nuclear bomb was detonated in 1945. It is a power control device created as a response from the human level.

56. However, despite the three times of nuclear power plant explosion, there is still no response from the human level. There is no human-level power device to control the 450 nuclear power plants around the world, even though they do not know when and where they will explode. The humans are now completely neglecting their duty.

57. A traveler’s shadow is seen in the bright sunset around 6 p.m.

58. A nice peak begins to appear in the distance.

59. Tomorrow I will reach the summit over that ridge.


61. Looking back, the scenery is beautiful. It is over 1,700 meters above sea level, but it has a quiet atmosphere.

62. Bivio is the last village below the summit.

63. I can see the lodging deep inside the road.

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