[524] 2022-07-09 Hard Course with Beauty

Valbella~Surses 23 km

1. Today, I follow the 23km bicycle course that descends from the 1604m height to the 855m valley and then goes up to about 1200m height again. So, I have to walk 750 meters downhill and 350 meters uphill as if riding a roller coaster.

2. Sometimes, the bicycle course seems more appropriate than the pedestrian course suggested by Google. Today was that case.

3. Although this accommodation is a youth hostel, it was as expensive as a hotel.

4. It also has sports facilities.

5. Maybe, it seems to be so because it is a famous tourist resort with a lake and a ski slopet.

6. Nice view

7. The water is clear, too.

8. I can see people enjoying swimming.

9. The ducks who felt indication of my presence came to me. I took out the snack bread from the backpack and threw it into small pieces. They were competing to eat each other. Right next to ducks, two people came out of the water. I saw nice-looking women in bikinis.

10. Nature also shows a wonderful scenery.

11. In order to enjoy this atmosphere, they came from yesterday, Friday.

12. It seems that the camper vans have arrived.

13. I can see all kinds of camping cars.

14. The road seems to be closed on weekends.

15. A manager who cheers Korean traveler.

16. I took a selfie with tourist who took my picture with the manager.

17. A map of this village which gives an outstanding view of the lake.

18. It is background village of tourist attraction.


20. The bus to Chur is frequently running.

21. It’s sunny and cool like yesterday. The temperature is 14 degrees.

It may be hot in Korea right now. But I feel sorry about traveling alone in a cool and nice place.

22. This is a scene where man-made management and natural beauty meet in harmony.

23. I was curious about the village in the middle of the mountain

24. I zoomed in and found some nice facilities.

25. While walking down the street,

26. I zoom in a nice ridge in the distance.

27. Arched structure is standing at the entrance to the bicycle path

28. Many people are enjoying recreation, because it is Saturday.


30. In a place with this wonderful view,

31. There is also a bench with name of the person who installed it.



34. A milestone with dandy design is standing on the bike path.

35. I met a group of people taking a walk. I took a selfie after explanations because they were curious about stranger. Looking back after breaking up, they have been looking into the pamphlet I gave them for a long time.

We wave to each other from afar again.

36. I sit on a bench like this and enjoy the scenery.

37. There is a long row of camping cars and regular cars. I think the group I met walked from this base.

38. A road for pedestrians and bikers.

On a gravel road like this, bikers cannot speed up. So pedestrians are safe. It would be good for us to have this kind of pedestrian path applied to all roads, even on one side. It takes a lot of effort to manage the road. But if we make a walkable road, we can reduce the use of vehicles and take an active measure responding climate change. In a high-density country like Korea, these pedestrian paths are of great economic and environmental value, not just for welfare.

39. I entered a village.

40. There is a supermarket called Volg that is open on Saturday. I can see a piece of pineapple on the shelf. That’s enough for a snack.

41. It’s a nice village.

42. Today I have to go towards the peak seen in the distance.

43. One of the reasons causing high prices in Switzerland seems to be the high costs of managing the nature. They have to collect more taxes.

44. Even on these gravel roads, rainwater channels should be constructed without exception.

45. A village road is going down.

46. I see a signboard indicating the famous Davos. It is a village where businessmen from all over the world gather together at the beginning of every year. They come to foresee and worry about the global life of the year.

47. Some people disparage the Davos forum as a “party of the rich”. But in any cases such an insufficient will lead to a really good meeting, I think. The humans have a long way to go.

48. The road gutter that collects rainwater is semicircular, and the manhole through which water flows in also maintains its curved surface. .

49. The downhill slope becomes steeper.

50. The Alps are rich in limestone.


52. A factory that seems to produce cement from limestone is seen below. The water quality of the river will also be affected.


54. I walk on a steep bike path,

55. There is an adequate shade.

56. I eat this bread I bought at the supermarket for lunch with the scenery.


58. As expected, the water quality of the river is murky.

59. I came down about 750 meters in height.

60. It is uphill from this village. But from here, I met a crossroad.

61. Google recommends a pedestrian path that takes a far detour. It is a 3km detour, and an additional height of 600 meters is required. On the other hand, the bike path looks comfortable. In addition, a safe width is secured when I search for road photos. Although it is Google’s recommendation, I have no choice but to reject it.

62. The taste of spring water in the village is not bad. Put it in a water bottle to drink.


63. There is railway in this village, too.

64. Looking back on the way up, the view is wonderful.

65. I also walk across these meadows. At times like this, I recollect the scenes of the Alps in the movie Sound of Music.

66. The problem took place after I passed this structure.

67. This is a new tunnel, 700 meters long, which I didn’t expect. There is a narrow sidewalk to walk on, but I don’t want to go in.

68. Next to it, there is an old road which was closed. The rocks are flowing down, and it is dangerous and closed. However, it seems that there is no problem with walking. I entered the closed road and started to walk.

69. There are many stones that have flowed down this road. I see a cliff below.

70. Besides, there is an old tunnel. I didn’t take a picture of it, but there is a reason of closing the road. It is a win for Google which recommended detour which was far away.

71. After leaving the anxious section, a wonderful scenery awaits.

72. Destination is the Surses village.



75. But cement plant is seen below. The color of the water in the pond is not good.

75. At the entrance to the village, there is a restaurant waving to traveler.

76. I went in and ordered ice cream that looked delicious. That’s considerable 13,000 won in Korean currency.

77. Selfie with the owner.

78. I come out again and walk towards the hotel. I captured solar panel balcony and the village in one picture.

79. The accommodation is a hotel combining a restaurant.

80. It’s a pretty old restaurant.

81. For dinner, I eat lightly-grilled lamb in Italian style.

82. The location of the hotel is great. I can see peaks from the window of the room. Tomorrow I will pass in the left side of the peak.

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