[523] 2022-07-08 First Hill of Alps

Chur~Valbella 15km

1. Chur city is 595 meters above sea level. I crossed the 1644 meter pass. Therefore, I climbed 1000 meters in height alone.

2. However, it was not difficult because I walked up the 15 km distance slowly.

3. Commemorative photo before departure. It was a lodging that made me realize the high price in this town.

4. The morning weather is cool at 14 degrees.

5. This city attracts a lot of outside tourists.

6. The uphill road begins from alleyway in the city.

7. It is getting higher.

8. I look down as I walk along the main road for cars.

9. When I was uncomfortable with the lack of proper sidewalks on the road recommended by Google, I decided to look at the map and choose a safe route.

10. This road,

11. It is the road to carry the felled trees.




15. The wonderful scenery continues.



18. Sometimes, these wonderful roads discontinue.

19. For a while, I looked for a trail for the climbers and walked.



22. The logging road came out.

23. I have pioneered a safe path that even Google does not know.

24. The height of this town is about 1000 to 1200 meters.

25. I can see picturesque village in the distance

26. I tried a zoom.

27. Zoom in

28. I have been walking on this safe road for a while.

29. I meet a Spanish who is traveling by bicycle. He is traveling all over Europe.

30. He has a lot of luggage on his bike.

31. I meet the main road where sidewalk was properly maintained.

32. Taking a break, I enjoy Mango Ice Bar at a convenience store at 1100 meters above sea level.

33. Alps-like

34. Scenery continues.

35. I can see an old wooden bridge crossing the valley.

36. Did Martin Luther cross this bridge too?





41. This is rain water collection system which manages flowing water from the mountain.

42. There is a mineral spring built in 1837 by the main road. The taste of water was so good that I put water in a pail.



45. When I enter the village where I will have a lunch break, I see a nice cistern.

46. This is Churwalden village. I will have lunch here and attend a Zoom videoconference to be held at 8 p.m. in Korean time. Local time is 1 p.m. The place of videoconference for me is a shade bench.

47. It is a management meeting of an organization called Press Consumer Sovereignty Action. I am also co-representative of the organization. The Alps scenery in the background is displayed on a zoom screen to several attendees.

48. Among the various agenda items, there were also talks about participating in the event on 17th of July.

49. The meeting continued about 40 minutes. I have lunch which I bought at a supermarket called COOP. Looking closely around the village, the lift going up to the ridge is also in operation.

50. I walk the road again.


52. The afternoon is easy because I walked up a lot in the morning. The picture is a large auditorium-like building made of wood.



55. I can see an old road next to the main road.

56. If I walk along that road, I can walk comfortably even though there are few people and lots of grass.


58. I enjoyed a cup of espresso coffee while looking at a peak 3 km away from the destination village. This town becomes a ski resort in winter.

59. The owner of the restaurant is curious about a traveler crossing the Alps on foot. It’s not difficult to make friends.

60. As I cross the top of the hill, 1600 meters above sea level, I can see other ridges.

61. Tomorrow I will walk towards that ridge.

62. The view from the lodging I arrived early.

63. A magnificent view from restaurant of the lodging.

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