[522] 2022-07-07 Thinking Swiss’s Direct Democracy

Sargans~Zizers 18km

1. Today is a special day. Walking 27 km to Chur was planned. I had to stop walking at 18km point because it was physically impossible to walk remaining 9km before the destination.

2. The scene of breakfast table in the morning while looking at the scenery outside the window. The food is not satisfactory compared to what I have eaten for breakfast so far.

3. Since I crossed the Swiss border, I walk about 1 km in the morning to exchange money and buy a SIM.

4. The living expenses in Switzerland are notorious. The price is exactly twice compared to Seoul. On the other hand, USIM is not expensive. It costs about 30,000 won for 10 days, but unlimited use of GB is 3,000 won per day.

Phone numbers were also given.

+41 78 202 7955 8328

5. The daytime maximum temperature is around 22 degrees, fluctuating from 14 to 18 degrees. The weather is good.

6. Although the sun is hot, I can see well from a distance. It is perfect for enjoying the scenery.

7. They are selling lawn mower robots.





12. When I walk along this unpaved road for a while, the police came near and guided me to another safe route.

13. It is about 1 km longer than the route suggested by Google. As I entered the road, however, I could see a small lightplane floating. This picture shows a tiny white dot.

14. There is a flight runway nearby.

15. Looking at the map, there is also an airplane hangar along with the runway.

16. When I pass by the place, I see a plane.

17. There are many things to see today.

18. Old castles and modern buildings coexist.

19. The land of Switzerland, with a population of 8 million, is less than half of South Korea. Considering that most land is mountainous, the population density is quite high.

20. Switzerland is a wealthy country. But what is noteworthy is that Swiss has a political system that overcomes the identity of multi-ethnic federation.

21. The lawn in the yard is neatly managed in each house.

22. There are shelters and public waterways in every corner of the neighborhood.

23. Clean water is provided in the middle of the neighborhood, just to make a boast of affluent water of the Alps.

24. In Switzerland, all major policies such as the abolition of nuclear power, are decided by referendum. The people can also propose to revise a constitution. It is the use of power that is appropriate for a multi-ethnic federation.


26. There is a beautiful shelter space in the neighborhood.


28. Traveler can’t miss a bench in this shade. The statue next to it is reminiscent of the famous Swiss mercenary.


30. Direct democracy has declined in terms of efficiency since ancient Athens and disappeared, But it seems to have been revived in Switzerland in modern times.

31. The time has come when it is perceived as a more efficient way of making decisions. In addition, in current IT era, the operating cost is low.

32. This Swiss model of direct democracy which allow the people to make direct decision has great implications. Especially in Korea, where representative democracy is facing its limitation.

33. The capital-based civilization is increasingly destroying living quarters of global village in the name of profit creation.

34. These are the statues in front of a hotel. I can see all sorts of people.

35. Money is harder to spend than to earn. The same is true of power. It is more difficult to use power than to seize power. As the saying goes, it is more difficult to protect achievements than to build a company.

36. Excessive use of power is a problem, but inability to properly exercise the power entrusted by the people is also a problem. This is the failure of President Moon Jae-in.

In history of the East and the West, the problem of proper use of power is difficult task even for notable wise men.



39. Today, the forest path along the river bank is impressive.




43. Today, there are many global cases in which failures of controlling expanded power, or ignorance of power in hand, or misuse of power put everyone into crisis.


45. In the meantime, the example of Swiss has great implications for the global village.




49. This neighborhood is just like a picture.

50. As I walked, I came across an old town.




54. I saw a village at foothill.

55. I zoomed in.




59. The problem took place near the McDonald’s at 18 km from the starting point. After eating hamburgers and salads for a leisurely snack, I looked for a road to the destination Chur, which is 9 km afar. There is no road except the motorway!

The motorway is only for cars. There is no room for pedestrian. Looking at the map, there are no roads leading to Chur which secured pedestrian safety.

60. A minicar caught my eye while I was walking around.

61. I have no choice but to take the train from the nearby train station to Chur.

62. On the way back to the station with that idea in mind, this young man stops his car in road side. He asked me, “Where are you going?”

The friendly young man’s name is Simon Giger.

63. I came to Chur after many twists and turns. This city has been selected as an important stopover since planning a pilgrimage five years ago. This is because the full-scale Alps crossing starts from this place.

64. I was familiar with the name. But I feels strange because it’s actually my first visit.

65. It is an old and beautiful city.
It reminds me of Martin Luther, who passed this place 500 years ago.

Chur is said to be one of forefront cities of the Reformation at that time.

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