[521] 2022-07-06 Walking 3 Nations on A Day

Feldkirch~Vaduz~Sargans 29km

[521] 2022-07-06 Walking in 3 Nations on A Day (하루에 3개국을 걷다)

1. Today’s course is a 29km long walk in three countries: Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland, in the Alps.

2. I leave early at 8 o’clock. The weather is still clear and cool.

3. The impressive globe in downtown Feldkirch.


5. Walking in this town,

6. When I waved to a group of middle school students, they came closer to the Korean traveler and said, ‘Annyeonghaseyo!’ They asked selfies.

Is it the power of BTS?

7. I handed out about 10 leaflets to the students instantly and took out a big map and explained the way I walked.

8. And then a commemorative photo. A passerby took a picture.

Some of them will remember me for a long time. Why did I walk away from Korea? This is one of the most rewarding moments in European pilgrimage.

9. These days, the global village is close to each other.

In addition, you can enjoy wonderful scenes of Alps in Korea almost in real time.


11. It seems that the border is near. Trucks are waiting for customs clearance.

12. This picture shows the atmosphere of the neighborhood that values children.

13. Liechtenstein is a small country, but it cares about its border.


15. Workers at the border welcome the traveler.


17. A chair like this in front of a house is perfect for a traveler to rest.

18. The view is nice when I sit down.

19. In front of a church,

20. Panoramic Views

21. The sheep were scattered and grazing. I shouted ‘Hello’ and they rushed towards the stranger.

22. They gather under the shade and graze quietly.

23. While looking at these ridges,

24. I walk through the land of Liechtenstein that stretches from north to south.



27. Publicity board in the capital city of Vaduz.

28. There is a graph which shows the trend of global warming. It shows temperature changes in the country for 150 years.

29. Illustration of the City

30. Passing through the city of Vaduz

31. I go to an Asian restaurant. After eating rice and pho, I took a selfie with the owner whom I became close with. The owner is a second-generation Vietnamese born in this country. She is fluent in English. I told the story of my pilgrimage from Hanoi to Vihn five years ago.


33. This country is famous for its benches.

34. Every place that I stand on is the best place in geomantic principle.

35. While enjoying this view, I can see a castle on the mountainside.

36. Zoom in.

37. Elementary school students are involved in soccer event of physical education class.

38. I can see the Korean flag! The sports class was substantial. Even national flags of the countries which advanced to the finals appeared before the World Cup.

39. It is a small but amazing country. The vigorous ridge of the Alps is impressive.

40. A wooden bridge with a roof is crossing over a large river.

41. As I crossed, I saw that the inside was woven into a structure.

42. It is a large river that crosses the country.

43. I can see the horse ranch far away.

44. The long hoof of horse is being sharpened with a grinder. During this process, the horse gestures signal of pain.

45. Kids are running around adventure park.

46. I saw a village on the ridge in the distance.

47. I zoomed in.

48. I met a youth with long hair in front of the supermarket. He shows in Korean language that he wishes for a successful pilgrimage through a translator.

49. I have already crossed over to Switzerland.

50. After walking for a while on the pedestrian path, I meet a young lady who is taking her dog for a walk. Listening to the story while resting on a bench, She is in late twenties and came from Hungary to Switzerland 7 years ago to work.

I think it’s the first time taking a selfie with animal.

51. Today’s lodging is located at Wangs village in Sargans, Switzerland. It is a village with an atmosphere of affluent life.

52. The view in the distance is wonderful.

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