[520] 2022-07-05 Significant Concept from Austria Alps

Dornbirn~Feldkirch 23km

1. Today’s headline photo towards the Alps

2. Today’s course is 23 km. I walked along the basin of the Alps.

3. The rain, which had been constantly falling until morning, stopped suddenly at 9 o’clock. The wind is cool, too. The sky looks after the traveler.


5. Waste management continues even on rainy streets.

6. Wooden debris was pressed and transformed into plywood to build a fence wall.

7. Even today, there are many drivers who sound a horn and gesture thumbs-up to a stranger. Probably, very few people would say, “I will cross the Alps on foot.”

8. It seems to be the first time since Laos to walk while looking at the clouds hanging on the hillside.

9. Austrian people have lived in such an atmosphere of unity with nature. I think such a natural environment helped them make a decision of closing Zwenden nuclear power plant which was completed.

10. The determination of the referendum at that time gives me a resonance. The most important fact is that people made a direct decision.

11. Was it just the case of Austria? No, Denmark had a national consensus early and Switzerland had several referendums. Switzerland had previously decided to phase out nuclear power plant by a referendum. But in 2017, they decided to do so again by a referendum. Italy also decided to phase out nuclear power plant by a referendum after the Fukushima accident. Germany went through a process that was decided by the people directly. Sweden, which was fluctuating, finally decided nuclear phase-out by the people themselves.

12. What do these examples mean? It was decided by the people themselves. Fate of dangerous facilities that have fatal impact on future generations, such as nuclear power plants, are decided by the people themselves. So did Taiwan which is close to us. Sovereignty rests with the people.


14. When I was resting for a while in a chair at the bus stop with such thoughts in mind, an woman of the passing vehicle offered traveler a ride.

Let’s take a selfie together!


15. I see a familiar outdoor pool.

16. The outdoor pool turned out to be exhibition sample by the related company.


18. I entered a small village.

19. In this village alone, countless generations have been passed down each and every house.

20. The house built by present generation affects the next genration.

21. How would this beautiful street have been maintained without the self-control and efforts of ancestors?

22. Backpack is also relaxing on simple chair.


24. An important project that affects several generations, such as nuclear power plant, should not be left to the decision-making of representative democracy. These days, Yun Seok-yeol’s reckless speech and action teach us a lesson.

Furthermore, it is reasonable to reflect the will of future generation in addition to the will of the present generation. I’m looking for moderate solution.


26. If you think about it, there is a solution. An open vote is solution. Although individual vote to decide public servant is secret, it makes sense to make policy choices affecting future generations by open vote.

27. Open vote allows descendants to check the choice of their ancestors in the past. If they have to vote for or against nuclear power plants and they know their vote is recorded, even advocates of nuclear power plant will take pains before voting.

28. I took a selfie with the driver who stopped his car and gave me a cold drink.

29. On a distant ridge,

30. I saw a small castle like this. So I zoomed in.

31. I can see the ridges in the distance. It takes two more days to walk through this valley basin to get to Chur, where the full-scale ascent begins.

32. Villages seen in the distance on the ridge. The zoom performance of phone camera is excellent these days.

33. I saw this kind of shelter in the local factory building. So I sat down,

34. An official in this building gives the traveler a lot of coffee, drinks, and sweets. The generosity is perfect.

35. I am not sure if it’s because of the rain, but the color of the stream is unexpectedly murky.



38. There was a safety mirror for bicycle in the street. So I took a picture of the traveler, myself.

39. A young lady who got off the bus likes Korea. She saw the traveler and takes a picture with her phone. After handing out pilgrimage pamphlet, I took a selfie together. Her smile was beautiful.

40. Distant Ridge

41. I zoomed in.

42. Single-person electric cars are common in this neighborhood.


44. There are many enthusiasts collecting old model cars.

45. I ate plenty of pork and fried rice for dinner at a Chinese restaurant, which I haven’t seen in a long time. I asked the cook to add garlic which was not on the menu.

46. I arrived today’s destination, Feldkirch village.

47. A beautiful mountain range surrounds the village.

48. At the 4th floor of the lodging,

49. I look down the streets.

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