[518][519] 2022-07-03~04 Over Bodensee

(Bodensee~) Bregenze~Dornbirn 13km

1. Today’s headline picture is a boat crossing Lake Boden

2. Lake Boden, where Lindau is located, is an elongated natural lake with a huge area. Its width is over 500 ㎢, almost the size of Seoul. The Rhine River begins at its northwest end.


It’s cool in this town. It’s the best weather to walk, with little sunlight.

3. I took a day off and went out to Lake Boden. I want to pass over this water.

4. After about 20 minutes by boat, I will enter the city of Bregenz, Austria.

5. I got on the ferry.

6. A ship of the same shape is coming in.

7. I left the city of Lindau behind.

8. The boat navigated the lake. I looked towards the northwest end of the lake.


10. A boat is moving in the wind from the lake.

11. Clouds are extended at the foot of the Alps

12. It’s gorgeous scenery.

13. A group of German high school students on a field trip are also excited.

14. At last, I reached destination.

15. The English teacher, who was curious about the traveler, was surprised to hear the explanation. A commemorative selfie without exception~

16. Afterwards, it is 13km to go to today’s destination. This distance is recorded.

17. When I entered the land of Austria again, I could see an airship in the sky.

18. Austria is similar to Germany in general, but it seems to have a stronger international atmosphere.





23. The color is somewhat murky considering the water flows from Alps Mountain.


25. Is it related to the ingredients of the rock?


27. I stopped by the mart to buy a beverage. They are selling watermelon in small pieces. It’s the best thing to fight thirst. A commemorative photo after taking a bite.

28. As I walk with a plausible equipment of traveler, many citizens feel that this traveler will cross the Alps and encourage me. Some people pass by waving their hands or honking horn from behind.

29. I chose the general menu at the lunch buffet restaurant where many people eat.

30. The humus is used as manure for flowerbed.

31. As I was passing by a gas station, I heard a cheering sound. I went closer.

32. Turkish citizens say I love Korea. I take out the pilgrimage map, with pleasure. I told about my walking pilgrimage.

33. I took commemorative photo with them, after being served delicious coffee.


35. With this bicycle, the driver goes in a comfortable position like lying down.

36. This stream is clear.


38. A village is located on a ridge.

39. The Alps ridges seem to look within reach.



42. I ate bakery and espresso coffee in a quiet resting place,

43. A couple showed curiosity.






49. I arrived at the lodging early today. Upon arrival, it rained heavily with thunder and lightning.

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