[517] 2022-07-02 Arriving Entrance of Alps

Wangen~Lindau 21km

1. Today’s headline photo shows the magnificent ridges of the Alps.

2. It is 21km course to Lindau, where Lake Bodensee is located

3. The air is cool, below 20 degrees, but the sunlight is intense.


5. A traveler’s reflection in a large window.



8. I take this road leisurely.

9. Walking

10. I met an exotic person.

11. He doesn’t introduce himself much, but he seems to have a lot of history.

12. I can see a house where the firewood was neatly piled up just before to be cut.


14. He called a stranger who passes in front of his house. He listened to my pilgrimage, and served me a cup of coffee.

15. I asked the woman who brought the coffee if she was his daughter. She said that she was his wife. For a moment, her face is filled with laughter. ^^

Finally, they gave me delicious-looking snacks and 10 euros for long-distance travel. It was a pleasant win for the traveler.

16. I passed through the village street. Houses were old. But the roof was covered with solar panels, which made the scene beautiful.

17. The cows were bored when a stranger passed by. .

18. Cows come closer as if something happened.

19. I was walking along a narrow path, and the bridge was suddenly closed at the point where I was crossing a river. Perhaps the structure is old.

20. Bypassing route is very far. I was walking around for a long time to see if there was any other route around. Another customer arrived.

21. This person is riding a bicycle, so there is no problem going back. But I’m spent up.

22. When I analyzed the map, I found another course which takes the ridge on the far right. I think I can save enough time, about 30 minutes, if I can cross over there.

23. Taking a roadless trail, I meet even a small waterway.

24. I climbed up the hill out of breath.

25. A comfortable road awaits me there. Pleasure follows pain.

26. I was walking this path.

27. Suddenly, a group of residents passes by with bicycles carrying children.

28. The young housewife welcomed the traveler and said she was Japanese.

As she listened to my pilgrimage and the story of my walk from Hiroshima to Nagasaki, she continued to exclaim.

29. Another family is a German family. In particular, the kid pictured in front likes traveler very much. These are the people I met because I took this bypassing course.




33. In the Village

34. Self-service stand


36. I passed through a town with this kind of atmosphere.

37. At some point, I can see the majestic ridge of the Alps. I realized that I came close to the Alps.

38. A large farm machine mows weeds. It shows the farm management in summer.

39. Germany will shut down all 17 nuclear power plants by 2022 this year. It is lesson for mankind. It is the result of continuous efforts for over 11 years since the declaration of nuclear phase-out. Looking at the appearance of this rural village, it seems to contain the national atmosphere as it is. It’s a scene that shows they switch energy and maintain an ecological & energy-saving lifestyle at the same time.

40. Alps ridge fits in with the village.



43. I entered the city of Lindau.


45. Finally, it’s a big lake, Bodensee.

46. The lake is located, in pair, at the entrance of the Alps.

47. They enjoy leisure activities.

48. The lodging is on Bodensee Island. This place seems to have a long history. I stay in this town for two nights and take a full day off.

49. As I sat down at an outdoor table in Thai restaurant for dinner, sparrows sneak up without vigilance.

50. Sparrows eat the rice grains offered by the traveler.

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