[516] 2022-07-01 Walking with Rain

Leutkirch~Wangen 23km

1. There was thunder and lightning all night, and it rained in the morning.

2. It is 23km to the direction of southwest of the Alps.



5. It is quite a historic town. It is said to be related to a fabric called linen.

6. The fabric is related to the abundance of sunlight in this area.

7. A distant view with clouds.

8. I sometimes zoom in to see it.



11. Cows graze silently even when it rains.

12. Manual pump and electric vehicle are located at old well.

13. This is picturesque countryside when the rain stopped for a while




17. It is convenient to collect garbage if there is a garbage pail in front of each house.


19. In a beautiful little town

20. I eat lunch. The menu is pork cutlet, and several pieces of garlic which I carry.


22. I enjoy walking in the cool weather after the rain stopsped


24. Cows in the distance

25. Waiting for a traveler

26. Cows welcomes me.

27. It’s raining again.

28. The rain flows into the Black Sea through the Danube.

29. The water quality in this area is good as the snow melts and the water from the forest always flows down to the northern tip of the Alps. This neighborhood is good for health. Water flows to the Danube River, which makes it advantageous for the trade of goods. There seems to be a reason why southern Germany is prosperous from early era.

30. It started raining hard again

31. I sit on a dry bench under the eaves and enjoy a break with the sound of rain.

32. When the rain subsides, I started again.


34. I’m making good progress today. When there is sunlight, the speed is less than 3km per hour, but today it is about 4km per hour




37. I saw a sculpture in a hotel yard.

38. A snail crawls on moist floor.

39. I passed this forest trail and entered a big road.

40. Residents who recognized Korean traveler stopped their car and approached. They were father and daughter. The 20-year-old daughter is full of joy. They cheered when I said that I walked from Seoul.

41. The woman who sells cherries, watching this scene, presents a small box to the stranger for free.

42. Not long after entering Wangen, a citizen stopped his car and came to greet me warmly.


43. Thanks to the cool weather, I entered Wangen city early around 5 o’clock.


45. This city is also full of charm.



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