[515] 2022-06-30 Public Mind of German

Memmingen~Leutkirch 24km

1. One of Germany’s Community(Gemeinde) guide maps

2. Today’s course is 24 km. The temperature is not hot, between 15 and 24 degrees Celsius. But the air is clear and the sunlight is stinging. In order not to make the same mistake as yesterday, I need to choose my course carefully. I took the course by careful analysis of map.

3. My expression is bright because I slept well.

4. When I left the city in the morning, I found out that this city has a long history.

5. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memmingen


7. If you cut down weeds and lay them down, they become manure. A green manure.

8. Though the bike trail next to the car road looks boring,

9. I often see shades like this. There are often drivers who cheer for traveler like me.


11. Today, I walk this kind of road very often.


13. I met an employee while drinking coffee at a village bakery. He is a young man who came to work from Sicily, Italy.


15. Today’s course has a lot of shade.

16. A floodgate manages the water in a large reservoir. In Germany, groundwater is generally used as a water source and supplied through a water purification system. Water quality is mostly good. In particular, it is known that there is little calcareous near the Alps. I drink the tap water as it is. Starting from this trip, I don’t use disposable plastic bottle. When I buy water, I buy glass-bottled water whenever possible and pour it in water pail.

17. A map of the region

18. This is a community guide map.




22. I posted a picture of gas station to provide information to those who want to know about oil price.

23. Local residents are curious about the traveler. The grandfather(?) in the right opened his wallet and gave me 20 euros as he was moved by my walking pilgrimage. I said, “Thank you. I will buy delicious lunch from your money.”

24. I stopped by the supermarket REWE in town to buy a sandwich and organic strawberry. Then I ordered an espresso double coffee for late lunch at the table inside.

26. I entered a quiet course. I sat in the shade and dozed with my eyes closed around this place. Then a middle-aged woman came out of her car and asked me if I am okay.

27. I had this same experience a few days ago. At that time, a patrol car followed me. This is typical public mind that pays attention to the weak all the time.


29. It is firewood manufacturing plant. Firewood is stacked in zigzag to dry well.

30. Chopped wood is dried in this way.


32. Amusement facility and windmill are seen at a house in ridgeway.





37. On this road in the forest, I experienced the kindness of the Germans once again. I put down my backpack and rested. I saw a passing vehicle and made a big gesture of greeting. After a while, the car came back after misunderstanding my gesture. The couple was young man and woman. They asked me if I have any problem and need any help.

38. It was no coincidence that the terms indicating community, gemeinschaft and gesellshaft, were originated from Germany.

39. I arrived at my destination city around 7 o’clock. I ate rice with shrimp and mango dish at a Thai restaurant. I had good dinner in a long time.

40. This city seems to have an unusual history.


42. Leutkirch im Allgäu – Wikipedia


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