[514] 2022-06-29 Era of Crisis

1. Today’s photo symbolizes modern crisis. The explanation is in the text..

2. The distance was 27 km on the map, but I felt like walking more.

3. Leaving behind the unmanned lodging…

It was a cheap hotel, 52 euros per night, but it was difficult to check in. The system did not allow English communication. I had a hard time in translating every words into German by Google translator.


5. On the bridge passing over the single-track railroad.

6. He mows the weeds by lawn mower. The idle land is managed in this way.

7. A villager who was curious about the traveler stopped his bicycle and approached me. After listening to the explanation, he keeps the brochure I gave to him before taking a selfie.


9. As I was passing over the railroad, I saw a defensive device on the railing of the bridge again. This reminded me of worst railroad accident in Germany a long time ago.
It is the Eschede train disaster.

Eschede train disaster

10. The cause of the train accident in 1998 in Essede, Germany, which killed 99 people, was found to be a technical defect in wheels. However, for a considerable period of time, it has been mistaken for a crash when a car fell off an elevated road over the railway. Since then, a defense device to prevent plunge has been installed on the railing of an elevated road over the railroad.

11. However, unlike Germany, railroad accidents continued.
There was also a major accident in 2016,
[The cause of the German train crash that killed 11 people was ‘smart phone game’]

There was a major accident just a few days ago.
[Train derailment in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, dozens of casualties | Gutentag Korea: German Korean portal site]

12. Accidents like this happen in Germany, a superpower in technology. A train accident is recoverable, but a nuclear accident is not. In a dense country like Korea, if one of 25 nuclear power plants explodes, the country will be destroyed.

Nevertheless, the person who became the President of the Republic of Korea is sending a message which “ignores nuclear power plant risks” as if he is insane. Unimaginable words and actions are rampant.





17. Water for washing hands flows through a wooden bucket in village street.


19. Automatic lawn mower

20. The lawn mower moves freely even on slope.

21. I was working on my laptop in an empty space in the village for a while in order to finish urgent task in Korea. A young and curious villager approached me, and I took a selfie with him. The temperature of this area these days may be guessed from the parka I am wearing.


23. There are small ponds in the forest.



26. The lawn, tree, and shaded bench look nice.


28. This kind of farmhouse is in new trend. Most new houses pay attention, from the design stage, to installing large-scale solar panels.





33. A couple who like South Korea. Her husband knows Busan very well.

34. Google Map does not hesitate to guide me to this path.


36. Pigeons flocked for gleaning in barley-harvested field.


38. Children I met in the neighborhood. The children were mean to me as an outsider at first. So I told the older one about soccer.

“Did you know that South Korea beat Germany 2:0?”

The atmosphere is quickly changed. And I took a selfie together.



41. I passed this forest road.

42. There is an interesting Christmas tree in the middle of a village.

43. Today’s course is a long distance. I took a rest late in the afternoon.

44. Solar panels are set on flat land. It is not common in Germany.

45. The sunlight is still strong at 6 p.m. There is no shade as I walk for several kilometers on safe road that the locals showed me. The resident, who only rode this road by bicycle, was kind enough to tell me that it was a safe road. But it was not safe for the person walking in hot summer day.

The same goes for technology. When the conditions of technology change, the value changes and the status of the technology changes. It is the destiny of modern times to live with technology. It is a time of crisis, because conditions of technology changes so fast.

46. ​​I met a young man who is curious about Korea in downtown Memmigen. He is a 20-year-old engineer engaged in metal-related job.

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