[513] 2022-06-28 Era of NOMAD

Buchloe~Mandelheim 19km

1. Today’s photo indicates the joy of nomad life

2. Today’s course is short, 19km, because there is a zoom video conference in the middle.

3. The hotel I stayed at yesterday was also good.

4. I was walking down Buchloe Street.

5. Kindergarten stands out

6. I waved my hand to give promotional material.

7. A charming female teacher approached me.

She was surprised to see the contents of my promotional material,

8. She also calls her fellow female teacher.

It’s a lovely morning.


10. Plan B, which explains energy conversion policy of the city, has been produced as a publicity board and decorated the streets.




14. As expected,


16. I see a lot of solar panels today.


18. The design

19. and shape

20. are all different.

21. A safe two-seater bike runs on bike path while mom talks with a child. Having such a safe bicycle path next to the road in a rural area with a low population density would be the true index of a developed country.




25. Around lunch time, I found a restaurant and a place to hold a Zoom meeting.

26. As soon as the stranger sit down at the table outside, this adroit cat came and laid down leisurely. Not surprisingly, as soon as the ordered dish appears, the cat with wide-open eyes came up to me and begged for a dish in traveler’s plate. I can’t help giving it to this fatal ‘charm and fear’.

27. ‘Nuclear Phase-out Sarangbang’ is opened by Zoom in Germany, which is 20,000 km away. It’s really the nomad era.

28. A scene from a zoom meeting presented by Professor Kim Hae-chang.

One of the main conclusions of the meeting is that no one was responsible and punished in Japan for the Fukushima accident. The core essence of the nuclear power plant issue is that in the event of an accident, no one is punished and no one is held accountable. That is why, like Yoon Seok-yeol, absurd and provocative rhetoric that ignores nuclear risks is popping up every day.


30. It’s a step to cool off.

31. It is an experience given by present era to quench anger while walking on a beautiful and quiet road.


33. Today, even the cool wind like autumn and clouds help the traveler.


35. A forest path welcomes Nomad.

36. Finally, today’s highlight. I met a small pool about 2 kilometers away from the lodging.

37. A beautiful little pool awaits traveler, where farmers can relax. It looks like relatively new.

38. It is simple and neatly managed so that anyone can use it.

39. The view is perfect. As if waiting for a stranger.

40. I can’t pass this clear water.

41. I’m ready to go into the pool right away

42. I put my foot in, but the water is too cold.

I can’t really soak myself in. Just one commemorative photo.

43. The soles of my feet feel hot, as I walk to the lodging.

44. The lodging is an unmanned system. Germany recently canceled PCR tests and inoculation certificates, but the unmanned system still requires proof. I had to show the proof of my fourth vaccination to the AI ​​software. It testifies the event of this era.

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