[512] 2022-06-27 Walking in Rural Bavaria

1. Due to the influence of long distance yesterday, the soles of my feet are not normal. Today’s course is serious, 25km.

2. Tomorrow, an event to host a zoom meeting from a long distance is scheduled.

I personally experience the busyness of the era in which there are no restrictions of location.

3. Without exception, German accommodation has excellent breakfast. There are many other things to ear besides what is shown in this photo.

4. This hotel & restaurant is commemorative as it is the place where I met Natalie Rehm couple.

5. The stroller bike is dandyish.

6. The atmosphere of Eresing town is religious.

7. I was leaving the town and entering the countryside.

8. I met an unusually huge farmhouse.

9. It seems like a symbolic scene of Germany’s energy conversion.


11. The chickens are grazing in the pastrue inside the fence.

The hencoop is made as mobile unit.

12. It is a healthy chicken.


14. It is a motorway toward the Swiss Alps. It’s about one week’s walk to the border.

15. There is a lot of fallow farmland.



18. When I was thirsty, a man like an angel appeared. When he saw me walking, he stopped his car and gave me a bunch of bananas with cool sparkling water.

He said his wife was Taiwanese. I decided to take only half because of the weight. Dangke Shn!

19. I decided to have lunch with bananas at a suitable place. No need to find a restaurant.


21. They were selling instant hamburgers.




25. Soon, I entered a town with a historical atmosphere.



28. The name of the town is Landsberg am Lech.


29. I walked through the lovely downtown.

30. An attractive square appears.

31. The common characteristics of European historical cities is that squares are located in the center and become charming space attracting people.

32. I took a bite of ice cream and enjoyed leisurely appearance of the square.


34. The affluent river flowing from the Alps runs through the downtown.

35. Before I leave town, I eat a delicious bakery and drink iced Americano coffee which was changed from espresso coffee.

36. Even though it was 3 p.m. in the afternoon, I had a long way to go because I took my time. Fortunately, daytime of summer is very long.

37. The charm of walking tour in Germany is to meet this kind of forest trail frequently.

38. In this forest, a cool breeze blows from below.

39. Like raising chickens, grazing sheep are fenced.

40. I can see the horse ranch in the distance

41. The horses noticed my appearance and approached near the fence.

42. Horses greet me just like meeting an old friend.

43. Some horses show gesture of charming. Do horses want to run freely in the meadow?

44. This couple riding a bicycle expressed curiosity about the South Korean traveler.

45. It rains near the destination.

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